Game Show Party Decorations

by Erin Ringwald

A game show theme provides you with an interactive party idea where guests can play and take part in different games. You can choose an existing game show or create your own. Let the games themselves be the main decor and accent them with decorations similar to the game show sets.


The popular quiz show "Jeopardy" uses trivia answers to get contestants to guess the original question. The majority of the "Jeopardy" set is blue, so cover your walls in blue fabric or blue plastic tablecloths. Create a game board for the wall using blue poster board. Line the edges of the poster board with black lines to re-create the television screens. Write the answer dollar amounts on the poster board with white paint with a row of category names above. Turn your food table into the contestants' podiums using a blue tablecloth. Use electrical tape to divide the front of the tablecloth into three equal sections. Then write the contestants' names on the sections with white paint.

Wheel of Fortune

Re-create a "Wheel of Fortune" set using a large round table, such as a poker table, as the centerpiece of the room. Cover the top of the table with white butcher paper, securing the edges of the paper under the table with tape. Section off the paper into the wheel's pie-wedge sections, creating 24 equal sections. Paint the sections different colors. Then write dollar amounts onto each section in black paint. Make one section a black-and-write "Bankrupt" in white paint. Place the food and beverages on the completed table. If you are handy, create a spinning lazy Susan to cover the table instead of the white butcher paper and paint it to look like the wheel.

Price is Right

Use the more recognizable games from the "Price is Right" to work double-duty as decorations and party games. For example, create your own Plinko board using a large piece of pegboard. Paint the wood white. Then insert wooden dowels into every other hole on the bottom of the board. Place additional pegs on the board, keeping one empty hole between every other hole. Stretch rubber bands in a diamond pattern over the dowel rods to keep objects from falling out. Paint prize amounts at the bottom of the board. Lean the completed board against a table or the wall so it is at an angle. Let the guests drop small balls down the board to play. Or, create a Hole in One game by laying out an indoor putting green. Paint white lines down the green to indicate where the players putt from.

Original Game Shows

If you prefer an original game show theme, use your imagination to create the decorations. Create a game board out of poster board or painted plywood. Set up challenges around the event such as baskets the guests have to throw a ball into, a trivia guessing game or a station with different objects to balance on the head for a set period of time. Add a video camera to the room to re-create the feel of a studio. Hang LED or Christmas light strands around the room to give it a glitzy, game show feel.

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