Game Show Ideas for Youth Camps

by Krystal Miller
Create fun game show ideas for your youth group.

Create fun game show ideas for your youth group.

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Youth camps are perfect for church, a gathering or social event. When hosting a youth camp for a group of youngsters, create a game show theme for the event. Have the children participate in a variety of game show-related activities to try to win prizes. With a few game prizes, some supplies and a creative imagination, you have everything you need to get started.

Trivia Games

Create trivia games like the television game shows "Jeopardy" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Divide the children into two teams and ask the teams a series of questions. Some example topics include sports, movies, spelling, super heroes and pop stars. Ask each team a question and give them one minute to come up with the correct answer. If they answer correctly, they earn one point. If they do not, the other team can answer the question to steal the point. The first team to earn 15 points wins the game. For a variation, you can also play this game individually instead of in teams.

Music Games

Play a game show of naming different music tunes. Record several songs on a MP3 player or CD. Play 10 seconds of each song and have the players try to guess the songs. Divide the players into teams or have an individual competition. Group the songs by genre, such as pop, rap, country and rock. For another version, give each contestant a sheet of paper and play the song pieces. Have the players guess the name of the song and the artist. Award each player a point for each correct song title and artist name. The player with the most correct points wins the game.

Auction Games

Host an auction game show where contestants can bid on the prizes they want to win. Give each player $1,000 in play money. Place the items up for bid on a table. Some prize examples include gift cards, small electronics, toys, video games and hair accessories. Hold each prize up one at a time and have the players bid on the prize. The prize goes to the highest bidder. Create a twist by wrapping some of the gifts in wrapping paper. Players will not know what they are bidding on until they win it. Make it even more interesting by filling some boxes with no prize at all.

Puzzle Games

Have the youth group solve a series of puzzles to win prizes. Some examples include word searches, word scrambles and picture puzzles. Time the players and award prizes to the players with the fastest time. You can also select two contestants to compete at a time. Give each player a word search, word scramble or picture puzzle to solve. The player who solves it correctly, in the fastest amount of time wins the game.

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