Game Ideas for Oktoberfest

by Krystal Miller
Create a pretzel-making contest for your Oktoberfest party.

Create a pretzel-making contest for your Oktoberfest party. Images

Prince Lugwig of Bavaria invited the public to join in his marriage in Germany in 1810, which started the celebration of Oktoberfest. Adults generally celebrate Oktoberfest by drinking German beer and eating bratwursts; however, Oktoberfest-themed games are available for an adult or child's party. Roll up your lederhosen and plan some German-inspired games for your Oktoberfest party.

Paper Games

Create a variety of paper games for your party guests. Hand everyone the same sheet of paper and the first player to finish wins the game. For example, make a word search or scrambled words using words like German, beer, chickens, festival, Munich, sausage and Bavaria. You can also print the same words on bingo cards. Give each player a card and call out the words. The first player to bingo and yell "Oktoberfest," wins a prize.

Pretzel Contests

Pretzels are a big party of Oktoberfest so host a pretzel-making contest at your party. Have the dough ready when all the guests arrive. Adults and children can have fun making pretzels. Host contest for the adults and one for the children to make it fair. Award prizes to the adult and child who make the best-looking pretzels. For added fun, award prizes for the most misformed, funniest, smallest and biggest pretzels. Give the guests coarse salt, cinnamon, sugar and sprinkles to use on the pretzels.

Wooden Barrel Races

Divide the players into two teams and mark a starting line. Mark a run-to line 25 feet from the starting line. Place a large wooden barrel in front of each team. When you say "Go," the first player in line must roll the barrel to the run-to line and back. Each player must do the same thing. The first team to finish the race wins the game. Have adults race against adults and children race against children. If the barrels are heavy, allow two players to push the barrel at a time. If you have enough barrels, you can also allow players a chance to race individually. Substitute plastic brown trashcans for wooden barrels if you do not have any real barrels.

Other Games

According to Top Party Ideas, play a game of Ein, Zwei, Drei and Halt, which is German game like the English version of "Red Light, Green Light." Select one player to be "it" and have him stand in front of the other players (with his back to the players). He will call out Ein (one), Zwei (two) and Drei (three), while the players move quickly toward him. When he yells "Halt," the children must stop and "it" will turn around. If any player is still moving, he must start over and the starting line. The first player to reach "it" wins the game. Chess is also popular in Germany, so place many chessboards around the party area for guests to play.

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