Gag Gifts for a 50-Year-Old's Party

by Gina Scott
Gag gifts add fun to a 50th birthday celebration.

Gag gifts add fun to a 50th birthday celebration.

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Fiftieth birthdays are not always taken lightly. Truth be told, nearly everyone is impacted somewhat emotionally by hitting the half-century mark. You can ease someone's anxiety about the mile marker birthday by giving him a gag gift. These kinds of gifts are usually frugal items given to make the recipient laugh. When hitting such a significant birthday age as fifty, several items make humorous gag gifts.

Bag of Aging Products

For the birthday girl who has a good sense of humor, give her a bag of aging-related products. Choose from various products such as denture creams, Epsom salts, adult disposable briefs and supportive hosiery. Arrange the items in a bag that bears a humorous cartoon about aging.

Sleeping Gear

As you grow older, you are not able to get out as often so play on this theme and give your birthday friend some lounging gear. For a lady, give her a hideous house dress or for a man, a huge tacky bathrobe. Match this comfy present with a cheesy pair of character or bunny slippers so your buddy's birthday is celebrated in style.

Fifty of Favorites

Once someone has accumulated fifty years of life, muscles and joints have typically started to show their age. These aches and pains mean there's probably no need to remind a new 50-year-old how old her age is. As a gag though, impress upon her just what fifty looks like by gathering that many of one item. Think of one of her favorite objects or food like suckers or candy bars and put them together in a basket she can use later. If you want to add heartfelt meaning to your gag, add a birthday wish or something you appreciate about her to each one of the items.

Blast from the Past

Technology has changed tremendously in fifty years. When your birthday boy was born, computers filled entire rooms and cell phones hadn't even been invented. Find an ancient computer or rotary telephone at a secondhand store and wrap it up with a funny note about what common household items looked like as they were growing up. If you have the means, you could also get them the modern version of the object as a real appreciation for his birthday.

Baby Picture

Everyone has a picture from her childhood she wishes was buried forever. It could be a goofy baby picture or school picture where she's wearing a clashing outfit. Locate one of these and enlarge it to poster size, leaving a significant white border. Bring markers to the birthday party and have everyone sign it with happy wishes for the next fifty years.

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