Funny Wording for Baby Invitations

by Adrienne Davis
Set the mood early by sending funny baby invitations.

Set the mood early by sending funny baby invitations.

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Babies are cuddly and adorable. Therefore it stands to reason that wording for a baby invitation shouldn't be formal and impersonal. Some people like to make invitations tender and touching but others like to inject a little humor into their invites. If you choose humor as part of the invitations you are making, it can help set the fun mood for the party ahead of time. However, make sure the guest of honor has a good sense of humor before you make any jokes at her expense.

Baby Theme Invitations

If the baby's room has a theme, you have the perfect place to start. For instance, if the nursery is decorated with dragons, you might want to create whimsical dragon invitations and write something along the lines of, "Stop dragon your feet and help us celebrate Kim's impending hatchling! Don't worry, there won't be any fire breathing but there will be plenty of food and drink in the lair!"

Make'em Laugh

If the invitation is for an intimate baby shower in which the attendees know each other fairly well, you could make the invitations funny at the mother-to-be's expense. Compose a few sentences like, "Come join us for Becky's baby shower but be prepared for fussing, crying and burping." Then on the inside of the card add, "and it will be even worse after the baby gets here!" Another fun way to twist words could read, "Rachel and Chris are expanding their house by two feet!"

Funny Baby Quotations

Make people chuckle at your baby invitation by including a funny quotation. An example might be, "People who say they sleep like babies usually don't have one," said by Leo J. Burke. Then you could add that Pat and Bill are looking forward to their sleepless nights that are due to arrive soon. According to The Essential Infant Resource for Moms ( Maurice Johnson is quoted as saying, "A baby changes your dinner party conversation from politics to poops." You could add to that chuckle by inviting guests to come and talk about either topic since the baby hasn't yet arrived.

Nursery Rhyme Madness

Take a one or two lines from a well-known nursery rhyme and then finish them to suit your invitations. For example, "Hey diddle diddle, did you see Claire's middle? It's getting so big so fast. Join us for her baby shower, it's sure to be a blast!" There are many nursery rhymes to choose from and all you need is one familiar line. Another example might be, "Mary had a little lamb but Christy's having a boy....come and help us celebrate in all the fun and joy."

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