Funny Women's Party Games

by Nancy Hayden
Games help women celebrate a girls' night in.

Games help women celebrate a girls' night in.

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Women cherish time with their girlfriends. In the midst of busy, hectic lives, it is important for friends to get together to celebrate life's most important milestones, or to recharge their batteries with some gal-pal time. Party games make any female get-together more fun and memorable. These party games are a great way to laugh the night away and ensure every guest has a good time.

Movie Night

Women love to get together, snack on popcorn and candy, and watch the latest chick flick on DVD. For a fun movie night with the girls, play the game "Celebrity" before movie time. Have each guest write down the names of five celebrities on slips of paper and place them all in a bowl. A player draws a slip and gives clues about the celebrity without saying any part of her name. When another player guesses the celebrity, player one moves on to another celebrity, and continues giving clues until time runs out. This game can be played in partners or on teams.

Cocktail Party

Get the ladies together for a night of cosmos, beauty tips and gossip. A casual cocktail party with a group of close girlfriends is perfect for the "Friendship Newlywed Game." This game is played like the classic "Newlywed Game" from TV where couples were tested on their knowledge of each other. Divide the group into two teams, each team member has a partner on the other team. Send one team out of the room. The team that stays writes down answers to questions about their partner such as "My friend's favorite song is..." When team two comes back they answer the questions .

Bridal Party

A woman's wedding is one of the most special events in her life. Close girlfriends are often responsible for throwing a shower and arranging a bachelorette party. To kick off the night with some laughs, have a purse scavenger hunt. Make a list of usual items found in a woman's purse such as makeup items, a cell phone or credit cards, to name a few. Add items to the list that relate to love and relationships, such as pictures of a significant other, wedding rings, or a receipt from a date. Have the women dig through their purses to find as many of the items as possible.

Baby Shower

When a relative or close friend is starting her family, get the family or friends together to ooh and ahh over adorable baby clothes and to shower her with gifts for her new addition. "Play-Doh Babies" is a fun game that allows guests to get creative and is bound to have everyone in stitches. Guests get five minutes to shape a baby out of Play-Doh. They can shape and decorate their baby any way they like. The mother-to-be judges each baby and gives out prizes for cutest, funniest, most creative and even the scariest Play-Doh baby.

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