Funny Wedding Bridal Shower Game Ideas

by Kent Page McGroarty
Find funny shower games guests will be talking about for weeks.

Find funny shower games guests will be talking about for weeks.

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Part of the fun of planning a bridal shower is coming up with amusing games to play during the festivities. Such games can involve humorous stories and trivia about the bride and groom, funny dress up games, as well as goofy advice games, any of which can keep the shower attendees laughing for hours.

Bridesmaid Dresses Games

Instruct bridal shower guests to wear the ugliest, tackiest bridesmaid dresses they can find. You can also encourage guests to style their hair and makeup so it "compliments" the dress they are wearing and to find unattractive shoes and hosiery as well. For example, a guest wearing an ugly neon taffeta dress with shoulder pads from the 1980s could also wear neon-colored eye makeup as well as big, crimped hair. Award prizes for "Ugliest Dress," "Most Obnoxious," "Most Dated," "Most Original" and any other prizes you would like to give out.

"Advice" Games

Play "advice" games at the bridal shower. Come up with a list of potential problems a married couple may face before the day of the shower, such as arguments over mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, who gets up in the middle of the night to take care of a baby, and vacation destinations. Instruct participants to write the funniest and cleverest answer they can come up with on pieces of paper, then place the answers in a basket. The bride-to-be will then read the answers to each question out loud and pick the funniest answers as the game winners.

Trivia Games

Quiz the bride and groom about special times they've shared to come up with a series of funny trivia questions related to their experiences. For example, what were their first impressions of one another? Were there any disasters during their first date? Write out multiple choice answers to the questions and assign two or three teams. The team that answers the most trivia questions correctly wins.

Missing Words Games

Bridesmaids with writing ability can come up with funny stories related to the bride and groom, their wedding planning process, the event itself or their future together. Leave some words out and indicate what type of word guests should choose to fill in the blanks to create an original story. Hand out copies of the stories for guests to fill in, and take turns reading the stories. The bride can pick the story she thinks is the funniest as the winner.

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