Funny Things to Make in Super Scribblenauts

by K.C. Moore

"Super Scribblenauts" is an action-puzzle game for the Nintendo DS in which a large vocabulary is your greatest weapon. Players type in different combinations of nouns and adjectives to summon anything from a tiny golden elephant to a colossal fire-breathing kitten. Part of the fun in playing "Super Scribblenauts" is coming up with different humorous objects and hilarious word combinations.

Using Funny Adjectives

Much of the comedy in "Super Scribblenauts" comes from using adjectives to tweak normal objects. Colors such as "Pink" and patterns like "Argyle" can be used in combination to make any object look ridiculous. If you make anything "Pregnant" it will spawn smaller versions of itself. If an object is "Cannibalistic" it will devour other like objects. Make something "Headless" or "Legless" to remove limbs. Adding the words "Giant" and "Rideable" will turn anything--from clowns to comedians--into vehicles.

Internet Memes

Hidden within "Super Scribblenauts" are a number of joke items related to Internet memes. Type in the phrase "Longcat" to spawn a likeness of the meme. "Keyboard Cat" gives you a cat playing the keyboard. Even the phrase "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" will spawn a prop that resembles that meme. Internet meme objects can also be altered by adjectives, just in case you ever wanted a "Rideable Monorail Cat" or a "Remote Controlled Roflcopter."

5th Cell Developers

When you watch the credits for "Super Scribblenauts" the game developers from 5th Cell are all represented as Scribblenaut characters. These same developers are all objects that can be summoned from Maxwell's Notebook and each one has its own personality quirk. For example, type in "Robert" to summon a man who throws orange juice at everything. Type "Joshua" for a man who spreads rainbows and tiny unicorns around the level. Not all developer names spawn humans--"Jimmy" is a bunny listening to headphones, while "Edison" is a T-Rex wearing a headband.

Creating Puns, References and Jokes

The funniest objects made in "Super Scribblenauts" come from the player's own creativity and imagination. String together adjectives and objects to create puns such as "Dirty Words," which spawns a dirt-covered dictionary or "Jumbo Shrimp," which creates a giant-sized crustacean. Adjectives and objects can also be combined to make funny references to characters from movies, TV and books--such as a "Tin Man," which is a man made from metal, or "Mad Hatter," who's an angry tailor.

About the Author

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