Funny Things to Do to Your Kids on Facebook

by Chris Brower
Facebook allows parents to reach out to their kids.

Facebook allows parents to reach out to their kids.

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Facebook started as a social networking site for young adults but now their parents are joining too. This helps parents stay in touch and see photos their kids post and their interactions with friends. Parents can also get a kick out of doing funny things to their kids on Facebook.

Childhood Pictures

Childhood pictures are always a source of embarrassment. Awkward clothes and funny situations make these photos embarrassing to see. That's why posting photos of your kids as very young children provides entertainment for you and their friends. Suddenly that photo of little Justin crying on Santa's lap or dressed up as Superman for Halloween can become the hit of Facebook.

Home Movies

Facebook also allows you to upload and post videos. This gives you a chance to easily share your home movies with the world. Like pictures, old videos can be embarrassing or cute to watch. Chances are you have some videos of your kids in their first-grade play or from Christmas when they jumped up and down, screaming with excitement, when they got the puppy for which they had been begging. These videos are sure to get laughs from your kids and their friends.

Birthday Memories

When Facebook notifies your kid's friends about his birthday, he's likely to get a lot of "Happy Birthday!" comments. Instead of a simple, "Happy Birthday to the best son in the world," dig up an old, funny memory from a previous birthday and share it on his Facebook wall. How about that time he had a birthday party at the bowling alley and his pants ripped when he went to bowl? Or how about when he got cake all over his face at his first birthday and the dog licked it off? Share these memories. Your stories are sure to get "Liked" a lot.

Status Updates

If your child is like other people on Facebook, she posts status updates with thoughts, feelings and funny stories. Her friends then chime in with their own thoughts and comments based on what she posted. No one says you can't chime in too. Write something funny that relates to her status update. Recall a memory from her childhood, such as, "That's the same thing you said when you were 3" or pretend to be a stern parent: "Kathryn, your father and I are going to have a serious talk. Until then, bed without supper." These comments will get a "Moooooom!" reply, getting big laughs for you and her friends.

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