Funny Retirement Invitation Wording

by Kyra Sheahan
Come up with witty wording for your retirement invitations.

Come up with witty wording for your retirement invitations.

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Retirement is a milestone worth celebrating with a party. This momentous occasion deserves formal invitations to make the event a success. If the retiree has a great sense of humor, come up with funny retirement invitation wording that falls in line with the retiree's personality.

Spouse Humor

Spouse humor is appropriate for funny retirement invitations. Now that the retiree no longer has a full time job to keep him busy, his spouse gets to spend all the time in the world with the retiree. Make a witty comment about this in your retirement party invitation by saying something such as "Please RSVP to this event by contacting Jack Henderson's new boss, Mrs. Jack Henderson."

Money Jokes

Because retirees do not continue making the money they once did, include funny wording about money in the retirement invitation. You could write, "Retirement: Twice the time, half the income" as the heading of your invitation or "Let's celebrate Jack's retirement while he ponders how to pay for the party." At the bottom of your invitation, write, "Please make retirement gift checks out to the Retiree Survival Fund."

Work-Related Sayings

You can draw comparisons between retirement and work with funny sayings like "Retirement: World's longest break" or "Now that Jack has retired, he'll never get a day off again." Incorporate funny expressions into the informational section of your invitation, such as when you tell guests the location of the party. For instance, you could write, "Please join us at Jack's new and permanent office: his house."

Old Age Phrases

Some people joke about their old age once they have reached retirement. If the retiree is one of these types of jokesters, use age jokes in your invitation wording. You might write, "Hurry and celebrate Jack's retirement with us before he kicks the bucket" or "Please RSVP before 6:30 p.m. on weekdays. You know, Jack's new bedtime."

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