Funny Party Tricks

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You don't need to be a clown or a magician to pull off funny party tricks.

You don't need to be a clown or a magician to pull off funny party tricks.

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Party tricks that inspire laughter make excellent icebreakers at almost any type of party. They don't have to be fancy or awe-inspiring either; often the simplest trick provides the most amusement. Party tricks that involve guests, requiring them to attempt the impossible or making them part of the fun, are often the most memorable ones.

Mind Tricks

Tricks that mess with your guests' minds can lighten the mood of any party. Open with simple tricks like the tilting pop can. Challenge guests to tilt a pop can on its edge. Watch them try and fail at doing so. Then, demonstrate how it's done by filling the can a third of the way with liquid, or about 100 milliliters, and tilt it slightly. The can will balance on its edge. You can push it in all directions, and it won't fall over. Play with their minds a little more by challenging guests to rotate their right foot clockwise while drawing a number six in the air with their right index finger. No matter how many times they try, they will be unable to draw the six without reversing the rotation of their foot. Have a prize ready just in case you find an exceptionally talented friend who can actually do this.

Stuck Finger

Tell your party guests that you can stop them from moving their third finger without touching their hands. Then ask one or more guests to place a hand flat on a table and move each of their fingers. First the index, then the second finger and so on until they've moved each one. Then tell them to bend their second finger under their hand. Ask them to move the remaining extended fingers again. They'll be able to move the first and little finger, but not the third finger and you will have succeeded in your promise without touching their hands.

Magic Matches

Poke a hole into the top of an empty matchbox at one end. Place a match into the hole so it stands vertically with the coated end up. Then place a coin on the top of the box at the opposite end of the hole, and lean a second match on the first match. The coated ends should be touching with the other end of the angled match on top of the coin. Ask guests to remove the coin without touching the two matches. The best part of the magic matches trick is watching your guests try to remove the coin. When they've tried unsuccessfully to remove the coin, show them how it's done by using a third match to light the angled match just below the coated end toward the center, allowing only the flame to touch the wood. As the flame burns down the two matches, the angled match will lift away from the coin so you can remove it without actually touching the matches.

Missing Coin

The missing coin is a trick that's effective only once, but can be hilarious with the right victim. Choose a guest with a good sense of humor and demonstrate the trick on yourself first by pressing a coin so it sticks to your forehead. Tap the back of your head so the coin falls off. Then, press the coin into the guest's forehead but remove it quickly so that the other guests can see but your chosen victim does not, and ask him to tap his head to remove the coin. Obviously, no matter how many times his head is tapped, the coin will not come off.

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