Funny Party Themes

by Barbie Carpenter
Silly costumes always make a party fun.

Silly costumes always make a party fun.

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Sure, any party is fun, but there's something about a theme party that puts everyone in the mood for a good time. There's just something fun about dressing up in costume or stepping back to a different era. Perhaps it's because such party themes can be downright funny, as guests come in their silliest costumes to participate in ridiculous activities.

TV Show Reenactment

If you and your friends are fans of a particular television series, past or present, then use that TV show as the theme of your party. Decorate your venue like the set from the show, and encourage guests to come dressed up as their favorite characters. TV shows with ensemble casts, like "Cheers," work best because guests will have plenty of characters from which to choose. Encourage guests to get into character -- and see who can do so the longest without breaking a smile.

Opposite Party

People have certain characteristics by which others identify or pigeonhole them into a particular stereotype. Host an opposite party to let your guests break away from those character traits for which they are best know. Encourage guests to come dressed up as their opposite. They can interpret this literally -- such as a police officer coming as a criminal -- or they can play on their best-known personality traits. The straight-A student can come dressed like a party girl, or the slacker skateboarder can put on his best suit and come as a clean-cut corporate executive.

Color Theme

It might seem like a simple party theme, but a color-themed party can elicit some funny interpretations. Pick a color, any color, to center your party around. Your decorations should evoke this color theme, and finding appropriate decorations will require a bit of creativity. For example, if you choose yellow, you can hang banana peels from the ceiling in lieu of crepe paper. The sillier your decorations, the better. Encourage guests to come dressed in a colored ensemble, and give out an award for best dressed.

Hollywood Who Am I?

Classic Hollywood or old Hollywood might be an elegant party theme, but you can twist this party idea around into something a little more creative -- and a lot funnier. Host a Hollywood Who Am I? Party, where guests come dressed up as their favorite one-hit wonders, child stars and washed-up actors and actresses. Challenge guests by having them guess who everyone is dressed up as, which is harder than it sounds. Their guesses will leave everyone laughing.

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