Funny Names for a Party

by Audra Bianca
Parties can have a funny name even if you're reworking an old theme.

Parties can have a funny name even if you're reworking an old theme.

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To find a funny name for a party, think about the theme you want, who the party is for and what guests will want to do when they attend. You want to create authentic decorations, food and activities for your party theme. It's easy to think up a funny name that fits your theme, or let your funny name become the theme.

Decade-Theme Party

For an adult party, you might focus on a particular era in American history. You might base a party theme on the decade of a guest of honor's birth, such as a 1950s sock hop theme and call it a Sock-Hoppy Party. You might choose a sixties theme and call it a Hungry Hippie party. An eighties' party name might focus on music icons of the decade, such as Michael Jackson Meets Madonna or Go Goo-Goo for Guns N' Roses.

Kids' Character Names

For a children's party, create funny names for a party using characters from cartoons, movies or books. For cartoons, you might try Who's Wearing the SquarePants or Dora Doesn't Like Diego. For movies not based on TV shows, there are tons of names such as Only Crazy Children Ride in Carz or I'm Sick of Shrek. Don't forget that children love books, even those later made into movies. Consider wacky names like Who Ate Dr. Seuss or What Happened to Harry Potter's Otter?

Healthy Party Names

In "Absolutely Unforgettable Parties," Janet Litherland introduces a way to guests motivated to start a diet and exercise plan. Following her advice, you might invite guests to a Shape Launching party. Or, create other funny names based on this theme -- Get Back into Your Skinny Jeans, Let's Save the Whales or I Don't Want Fries With That.

Fairy Tale Spinoffs

Create parties for adults, kids or mixed ages with fairy tale spin-offs. If you're dying to make toadstool cupcakes, plan a party for frogs and toads called Don't Be a Toad. Fairy tale spin-offs might be Snow White Lost the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella Can't Get a Fella or Little Miss Muffet Likes Jimmy Buffet. Spinning fairy tale characters or titles into funny names might include using rhyming words, puns or double meanings.

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