Funny Lindsay Lohan Costume Ideas

by Kate Bradley
Movies are the last thing Lindsay Lohan is known for these days.

Movies are the last thing Lindsay Lohan is known for these days.

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She may not have put out many movies in the past few years, but Lindsay Lohan has done plenty to keep the world entertained. Whether she's partying all night, giving self-contradictory interviews or spending the day in court, Lindsay Lohan seems to caricature herself at every turn. Use her less-than-flattering tabloid pictures or some Hollywood gossip to create a funny Lindsay Lohan costume.

Legal-Troubles Lindsay

Recreate Lindsay's famous mug shot. Wear a bright orange prisoner's jumpsuit, a long, greasy blond wig, orange spray tanner, shiny lip gloss and a sullen expression. Or, go for Lindsay's much-photographed courtroom look: oversize black sunglasses, a black blazer, black heels and a short dress with "FU" painted on your nails. Put on mascara, then use eye drops to streak it and make yourself look contrite. To be on-house-arrest Lindsay, carry a bottle of wine behind your back; wear a black swimsuit and a thick ankle bracelet.

Party-Girl Lindsay

Take your pick of the candid party pics of Lindsay. Wear a belted black dress with a flashy necklace, a bleached blond wig and a dazed expression with half-closed eyelids. Or, carry around a full shot glass, paint your nails orange, make a drunk face and give everyone a peace sign. You could also have a boyfriend or male friend dress as Lindsay's girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, and dress in a too-revealing club outfit. Carry a cocktail and act jealous and drunk all evening.

Career-Girl Lindsay

Lindsay's claimed to be getting her act together for years, but as of June 2011, that seemed pretty far-fetched. Hearken back to 2010, when she was "stuck" in Paris, networking at the Cannes Film Festival, allegedly without a passport. Wear a long blond wig, a wide-brimmed black hat, a long white-and-black striped sweater dress and high black heels. Carry a half-smoked cigarette and a blank expression. Or, wear a sedate black interview suit, a long, perfectly styled blond wig and a sober expression. Tell everyone you've grown up and want your career back. Take your cell phone and spend the evening insisting to the virtual world that you're serious this time.

Lindsay's Famous Roles

Make a funny juxtaposition of Lindsay then and now. Travel back in time to Lindsay's "The Parent Trap" character. Wear a short blue tunic dress with a white headband, a smattering of freckles and an innocent, happy expression. Or, become Lindsay's "Mean Girls" protagonist Cady Heron with a short black-and-yellow polka-dot skirt and a hot pink tank top. Use fabric paint to write "Rebel" on the top. You could also wear a one-piece white jumpsuit with a long blond wig. Decorate the jumpsuit to look like Lindsay's racing outfit in "Herbie: Fully Loaded."

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