Funny Ideas for Wedding Party Entrances

by Rachel Ford

Your wedding reception is a celebration of the happiest day of your life. You've delighted your guests with the perfect venue, delicious food, and fabulous company, why not entertain them with a memorable entrance? You can spice up your wedding party entrance in many ways, and as long as your group is willing, you'll give your guests a party to remember.

Get Your Boogie On

Dancing in to your favorite party song will grab your guests attention and set the mood for a fun time. Encourage your wedding party to be lively and really ham it up, though you may want to set a couple of boundaries. If you have a small party, add some variety by playing a different song for each couple as they enter the room.

All Dressed Up

Give your guests the unexpected. Have each member of the wedding party enter the room in a silly costume or mask. Fake mustaches, giant sunglasses and colorful head wear are sure to bring a laugh. Go all out and have the groomsmen dress in old bridesmaid gowns from the thrift store while the bridesmaids wear suits and ties.

Hitching a Ride

A wedding party on scooters, bicycles or roller blades would make a funny surprise. Be sure to check with your venue before you make your plans.

In Slow Motion

Make the most of the moment by pretending to enter the room in slow motion. This works well if your entrance song is Chariots of Fire by Vangelis or Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture. Have each member of your party add their own twist to their slowmo entrance: running backwards, falling, cheering, dancing or giving high fives.

Fun Facts

If your party is unwilling to perform, or you are short on time, you can always surprise your guests (and your wedding party) by having the DJ announce funny, but tasteful, facts about each member of your group as they enter the room.

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