Funny Halloween Party Invite Wording

by Christine LaFleur

A Halloween party is supposed to be a fun event. Be creative, and let your guests know just how much fun your party will be, starting with the wording for your invitation. Whether you need wording for a kids' or adult Halloween party, you can use your sense of humor to let your guests know they are in for a good time.

Play on Words

If you are planning a Halloween party for kids, use a play on words to get the attention of your guests. You could say, "No tricks, just treats! All of the boys and ghouls of Mrs. Smith's class are invited to a Halloween Spooktacular! Check with your Mummy, and join us!" For an adult party you could write, "Come join us 'For a Nightmare on Our Street!' We're having a frightfully good party!"

Rhyming Words

Create your Halloween invitation with a funny phrase that rhymes. "Do you dig a scary scene? Come and join us on Halloween! The graveyard's such a dreary sight. Come to our house to get a fright!" Another example would be "Werewolves howl in the light of the moon. A vampire's bite will make you swoon. These things can scare us one and all. Find out for yourself at the Monster Ball!"

Movie Attributions

Play around with the idea of using famous quotes from your favorite horror movies. For example, "I see dead people. You will, too! Join us for a celebration on Halloween night!" You can even make fun of recent popular movies like "Twilight." "Bella Swan may be Team Edward, but you can howl the night away with your Jacob at our Halloween Party!"

Other Considerations

If you are having a haunted house party, you will want to include that in the invitation, "A creaky floorboard, a creepy cat, crawling spiders and a hidden bat. Join us at our haunted house beginning at 5:30 on Halloween night." Your invitation does not have to be outright funny. A corny invitation can be just as funny as anything else. You can also use the actual invitation as part of the joke. For example, cut out a bone shape, and have the invitation say, "Bone up on your Halloween fun by dropping by our house." Or for a pair of vampire fangs, you could write, "Take a bite out of boredom by spending Halloween with us!"

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