Funny Girl Names for Bachelorette Party Tags

by Sarah Freeman
Set the tone for a fun bachelorette party with creative name tags.

Set the tone for a fun bachelorette party with creative name tags.

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A bachelorette party is a time for the bride-to-be to hit the town with her closest friends one last time before the wedding. Whether the guests know each other well or not, keep the group coordinated and connected by creating name tags for each partygoer. Yet rather than writing just the girls' names on the tags, add some flair to the night by creating funny names or titles for each person at the party.

Alluring Alliterations

Create funny names for all the girls at the bachelorette party by making alliterations. Alliterations are groups of words that all start with the same letter, so think of fun adjectives that start with the same letter of each girl's first name. For example, name one person Busty Betsy and another Luscious Lindsay. Other combination ideas include Wild Wendy, Crazy Catherine and Sexy Samantha.


Instead of writing the girls' names on the tags, add some extra elements by instead writing a description of each partygoer. Think of something funny about each girl and jot down that feature in a sentence. For example, one girl can be "The one who wears 'granny panty' underwear," while another is "The girl who eats french fries with ice cream." Just be careful not to be too cruel to the participants -- you still want everyone to have a good time.

Code Names

Create code names for each girl in the bachelorette party to better connect with the group while adding an exciting element. Create a job for each girl and name them that aspect of the party she's in charge of, such as "Agent Designated Driver" or "Sgt. Scavenger Hunt." Further blend the group by creating a title for the entire party, such as "Lucy's Ladies," and then assigning each girl a number, such as "Lucy's Lady No. 3."


Bachelorette parties are all about enjoying one last night out before the transition into married life -- but just because the bride is getting married doesn't mean the other girls can't meet some suitors. Make name tags that tell whether the girl is single or taken. These can simply state their relationship status, or have funny sayings such as "Single and ready to mingle," "Don't be mistaken, this girl is taken," or "Available (tonight only)."

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