Funny Dress-Up Party Themes

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Rented costumes are fun, but get creative by putting together your own costume.

Rented costumes are fun, but get creative by putting together your own costume.

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Dress-up parties are common around Halloween and New Year's Eve but are often overlooked during the rest of the year. Use funny dress-up party themes any time of the year for birthdays, showers and other social gatherings. Switch up the common themes, such as movie and comic book characters, to more original characters not usually seen in costume.

Twisted Sports Fans

Tell your guests the party theme is sports, but not teams or players. The guests must come as their favorite piece of sports equipment, snack food or stadium memorabilia. Explain that wearing a team jersey does not count as memorabilia unless they are dressed as the jersey. If your guests are skeptical about making a costume, suggest using cardboard and paint to build large or bulky pieces of equipment or the over-sized food items.


Set the mood for fun and jokes by giving your guests a chance to dress as their favorite comedian. Allow the guests to choose from any era when selecting the comedian. Recommend props to go with the costumes, such as Jeff Dunham's puppets or Groucho Marx's cigar. Keep the party going by giving all the guests their five minutes of fame. Let them perform one of their favorite routines from the comedian they are dressed as.

Food or Household Combinations

For the couples party, suggest funny dress-up themes such as ketchup and mustard or a hot dog and bun. Other food combinations include coffee and cream, milk and cereal or a potato and sour cream. Take the combinations a step further with household items such as a butter knife and screw, the television remote and couch cushion or other unique pairs. Award prizes for the most useful pair, the most common pair and the pair most likely to be used before the night is over, such as a trash bag and empty bottles.

Inanimate Objects

The fun starts when you give guests the freedom to come as anything in the house, from the toilet plunger to the lamp in the bedroom. If someone says they are not attending due to the lack of a costume, keep a list handy, such as a bulletin board or refrigerator door, to offer suggestions. Narrow the choices of costumes by choosing a room or section of the house from which your guests may choose their costume idea. You can learn a lot from your guests by what they select. For instance, if your invitation said kitchen and someone shows up dressed as a pillow, you have to wonder why. Keep the fun going by making the odd costume wearer explain his decision.

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