Funny Dress Up Ideas for a Party: Hens

by Kent Page McGroarty
Wear your costumes to every establishment you hit.

Wear your costumes to every establishment you hit.

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Celebrate your girlfriend's last night as a single woman with a bachelorette, or hen, party she will remember always. Wearing funny costumes while out partying is one way of making the evening memorable, especially if you coordinate your costumes based on a specific theme. Don't forget to take pictures before you go out as well long into the night.

80s Theme

Crack up with your friends as you get ready for an 80s theme night out. Go for a specific 80s musician, actor or character or wear outfits reminiscent of the 1980s. Ideas for a character or famous person include Madonna in her 'boy toy' heyday, Olivia Newton-John circa her hit song "Physical" which includes sweat headbands and leg warmers, and Jennifer Beals from "Flashdance." Basic 80s costume ideas include teased and hair-sprayed hair, lots of neon, skirts with colorful leggings and high heels, colorful hair extensions and rubber bracelets.

Superhero Theme

Funny superhero costume ideas include female takes on male superheros including Batman, Spiderman, Green Arrow, Superman and Green Lantern, as well as your own versions of superhero characters. Capes, masks, corsets, skirts and boots make up a basic superhero costume, or come up with a variation of a superhero costume, such as a drunk superhero wearing a tilted mask carrying flasks and beer cups. Superheros that have gained weight are another funny option, use pillows as your body fat.

Family Theme

Another funny costume option for a hen party is to dress up as each others' family members. Choose outfits based on aspects of family members, such as the bride's mom wearing a loose-fitting robe in the morning while drinking her coffee, or a bridesmaid's sister obsessed with wearing tie-dye. Any goofy uncles, cousins and even pets can serve as costume inspiration as well. Be sure to double-check all costume ideas with fellow bridesmaids and the bride to avoid hurt feelings.

Occupational Costumes

Occupational costumes are another option, especially if one of your party stops involves a male strip club. Ideas include fire fighters, police officers, construction workers, doctors, military officers and astronauts. You can opt for the female versions of such costumes, although going for the male versions will be all the more entertaining, especially if you get faux facial hair involved, such as large 70s cop-style mustaches. Another option is to go with the "out of work" or "drunk" version of such costumes, which can involve dirtying or tearing costume pieces as well as carrying large plastic beer glasses.

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