Funny Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

by Sarah Mollman
Enjoy a comical birthday party with friends.

Enjoy a comical birthday party with friends.

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An adults-only birthday party provides the perfect opportunity for fun and games. Keep things light and goofy with your friends, family or co-workers during the gathering. Whether you are a young 21 years or as old as the hills, entertain party guests with pure comic relief in the details of the celebration. Add decorative details to the party venue that reflect the humorous theme you select. Provide refreshments that will make guests smile, such as sweet favorites from childhood, and offer enough to keep guests busy in between laughing sessions.


Give your birthday party a clear theme likely to evoke lots of laughter from guests. Host a "come as you were" party. For this theme, you must invite guests via telephone. Once you invite your guest, ask him what he is wearing. He must arrive at the party in the attire he was wearing when you made the phone call. Depending on the timing of calls, guests may arrive in pajamas, a swim suit or dress suit, but hopefully not a birthday suit. You can create a theme dedicated to a particular decade so guests appear to have popped out of a time capsule, including their attire. Play dance music of the time period and teach guests dance moves from that time.


Start the birthday party off right with hilarious activities designed to help guests get to know each other quickly, which works well for a party where many are strangers. Have everyone team up and see who can break the most birthday balloons between their bellies. Make everyone switch to a new partner after a balloon breaks. Ask everyone to throw a shoe into a pile as they arrive. Once everyone has done so, each guest must pick a shoe and talk with the owner. Create a set of funny questions for each person to ask, which can include describing an embarrassing moment.

Drinking Games

Use spirits and entertaining drinking games at the birthday party. Declare one of your guests the "thumb master." The thumb master should carefully and quietly place his thumb on the dinner table at any point throughout the party. When other guests see this, each person should discretely place a thumb on the table as well. The last person to do so must take a drink. Create party rules like no saying anyone's name, no saying "like" or no talking with your hands. If anyone breaks a rule, he must take a drink. Keep everyone safe by not offering too many alcoholic beverages because nothing is funny about a party guest drinking way too much.

Non-Drinking Game

Involve birthday party guests in comical games that can be played without the need for alcoholic beverages. Place a different phrase on a piece of paper under each guest's dinner plate. Write goofy phrases like "I am a space cowboy." Each guest should read the phrase and not share it with others. Guests should state the phrase casually at some point during dinner. The idea is to guess when another guest has said his assigned phrase. The guest to state the phrase without getting caught wins.

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