Funny Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

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Using jokes on your birthday invitations can help convey the joyous atmosphere to the guests.

Using jokes on your birthday invitations can help convey the joyous atmosphere to the guests.

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Writing out birthday party invitations can be a time consuming process and before you start writing them out, you have to find the right wording. Birthday parties are joyous celebrations and writing the invitation in the same spirit will give your guests a good idea of what to expect. Using jokes about things such as the birthday boy or girl's age, their birthday wishes or the amount of alcohol they will consume will raise a smile from most guests.

Age Jokes

Birthdays are the time when the relentless year-counter of time ticks over to the next number and this is often a source of amusement at birthday parties. If the person who is celebrating their birthday has a sense of humor about their age, making a joke about it can be a good way to make people laugh with the invitation. For example, you could say "Ha ha ha! Do you think I care? It's my 65th birthday, and I'm on Medicare!"

Birthday Wishes

Another possible source of amusement on birthdays is the idea of unspoken birthday wishes. Many birthday invitation jokes play on the assumption that the birthday boy or girl may want an attractive man or woman to jump out of the cake. You could also make a similar joke about him or her getting money or a sports car. Write an invitation that says something like, "David has two wishes for his birthday: for you to come to the party, and for a hot chick to jump out of the cake. We're counting on the first one being true!"


Having a bit of a drink is one part of birthday celebrations that can lead to humorous situations and many jokes can be made about the birthday boy or girl getting exceptionally drunk at the party. If you have any jokes that can be made in reference to previous parties where the birthday boy or girl got very drunk, this can be a funny personalized option, but if not, just use a generic joke such as "One martini, two martini, three martini, floor."


Quoting a popular film or one of the birthday boy or girl's favorite films is a good way to raise a smile with a birthday invitation. Many different possible quotes can be used but they should generally be related in some way to the birthday party. You can do this by altering the quote slightly or adding some words onto the end to make the quote make sense. For example, you could write "Go ahead punk, make my day... My birthday, that is!" as an invitation.

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