Funky Baby Shower Games

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While the goal of a baby shower is to honor the mom-to-be and the baby, it is also important to have fun. Baby shower games can provide that fun and create a sense of competition in guests as they play guessing games, dress a baby or race to see who can be the first to finish juice from a bottle.

Poo Games

One of the most dreaded parts of having a baby is having to clean a messy diaper. Play games that touch on this despised parenting requirement. Melt a variety of candy bars and spread the melted candy bars in diapers to look like poop. Label each diaper with a number and pass them around the room. Have guests guess which candy bar the baby ate by writing their prediction for each number on a piece of paper. Share the answers and award a prize to the guest with the most correct. Instead of candy bars and diapers, pass around pictures of animal poo and see if guests can connect the correct animal to the poo.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are cute, but can often be tricky. Play a game where you blindfold guests and have them dress a baby doll in a onesie, sleeper or other baby outfit. Time guests as they complete the task and award a prize to the fastest and most accurate baby dresser. For a more creative activity, purchase plain-colored onesies, fabric paints, pens and iron-on transfers. Allow guests to create customized onesies for the new baby. Vote on the best onesie and give its creator a prize.

Bottle Games

Drinking from a bottle looks easy when it is done by a baby, but many adults do not realize how hard it can be. Fill baby bottles with juice and give one to each guest. Have guests race to see who can finish the bottle of juice first. Another simple activity is to fill a baby bottle with pastel-colored candy or hard candies shaped like pacifiers. Throughout the shower, allow guests to guess how many pieces of candy are in the bottle. Reveal the number at the end of the shower and award a prize to the guest with the closest guess.

Celebrity Babies

Pictures of celebrity babies are found all over the Web and in entertainment magazines. Cut out pictures of celebrity babies and place them on the wall. Have guests write down which celebrity each baby belongs to and give a prize for the most correct guesses. Adapt this game by having guests send copies of their baby pictures in advance and guess which baby picture belongs to each guest. Another way to incorporate celebrity babies in the shower is to place a name tag on each guest's back with either the name of a celebrity baby or a celebrity parent. Guests must ask each other yes or no questions to determine what name is on their back and find their match.

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