Fun Wording for a 16th Birthday Party

by Ryn Gargulinski

Turning 16 is rounding the bend into adulthood, an age that can be as fun as some of the wording you create for party invitations or a card for the birthday celebrant. The average 16-year-old can be fairly sarcastic, and so can some all-in-fun wording options. If sarcasm is not your thing, or you think it will start a cake fight, you can always go sweet or pick another type of wording that promises not offend.

Number 16

The number 16 lends itself to a host of creative wording options. Invitations can include 16 reasons you need to come to the party, 16 fun activities promised at the party or 16 bad things that will happen if you don't show up. Examples for the latter include "You won't have fun" and "You won't get cake." Birthday cards for the birthday teen can use the same list-type format, featuring 16 cool things about the celebrant, 16 reasons you adore the birthday boy or 16 times the person made you laugh, giggle or even guffaw.


Capitalizing on the sweet part of 16, as in the notorious "Sweet 16," is another creative option. This probably works best for girls, although the politically correct climate dictates neither gender should be excluded from being sweet. Playing up the sweetness with candy, cookies and other yummy delicacies works, with birthday card wording such as, "You are such a sweet 16 you make cookies seem sour." Invitations can read, "Be as sweet as our Sweet 16 birthday gal and show up for her party." If you're inclined to include a sweet boy in the formula, go for something teenage guys find sweet, such as the latest electronic gizmo or fast cars. "You're sweeter than going 100 mph down a moonlight freeway, Mr. 16." Or give the birthday boy something simple with a humorous twist: "I'd say you're a Sweet 16 but then you would probably punch me. Happy birthday anyway."


Just as fast cars are sweet, they are also one of the infamous responsibilities teens get when they turn 16. Being 16 can also mean being legally allowed to work for the first time and, unless they are dating already, being allowed to date. Have fun with wording that weaves in the new responsibilities of the age. Invitations can boast, "Since I'm now old enough to drive, I'm old enough to throw a heck of a party. Please come to my 16th birthday." Birthday cards for the celebrant can read, "Now that you're 16 and old enough to drive, you're certainly old enough to take out the trash," or "Work now while you're young and still enjoy it."


Whether they want to admit it or not, many teens on the brink of 16 are very concerned with fashion, style and how they look. Yes, they can be so vain. As long as they are not incredibly self-conscious about it, you can have fun with the vanity aspect of being 16 -- either with the celebrant or the party guests. Invitation wording ideas include, "If you can pull yourself away from the shoe store or mirror, please come to my 16th birthday party," or "Hey, dude -- your hair looks fine. Come to my party instead of gazing in the mirror." A birthday card for the fashion-conscious 16-year-old can read, "I would have bought you a shoe store for your 16th birthday, but you seem to already own all its stock."

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