Fun Ways to Display Matchbooks

by Christi Aldridge
Show off the matchbooks you've collected over the years.

Show off the matchbooks you've collected over the years.

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Collecting matchbooks is an interesting way to document all of the places that you've been. The matchbooks tell a story about restaurants, landmarks and hotels that you've visited and serve as a scrapbook of sorts. Don't just toss your collection into a plastic cup and leave it on your desk; make your matchbook collection a point of interest that guests will enjoy looking at and you can enjoy, too.


Fill glass vases, containers or even jars of different shapes and sizes with your matchbooks. These can be placed on a mantel, shelf, countertop or table to easily show your matchbooks off. They will also look like an elegant decoration. Search thrift stores for interesting containers to display the matchbooks in.

Matchbook Cases

Purchase a matchbook display case. These can be either in the form of racks you can place the matchbooks on or a glass framed case that the matchbooks can sit in. Either way, they can be hung on a wall and may add a funky touch to a game room, sitting area or bar.

Hanging Matchbooks

Hang some string or twine from one side of a wall to the other. Gently hang the matchbooks over the twine to create a garland of matchbooks. This is a more casual look, but can look neat in a bar area or party room. If you have a lot of matchbooks, string them up along other walls too or hang the strings of matchbooks from a shelf or entertainment area.


Scatter your collection on a table, placing the more interesting matchbooks on the top of the pile. Take photographs of all of your matchbooks. Have the photographs blown up and framed and hang them on the wall. This is a creative way to display your collection that will also serve as visual art.


Place matchbooks in clear sleeves and store them in leather bound albums. Set albums out on a coffee table where guests can flip through them and view your collection. Alternately, make scrapbooks using cut up matchbooks or create a collage to hang on the wall by cutting up the matchbooks and pasting them on paper.


Decoupage paper matchbook covers after cutting the matches away from the matchbook. Use what is left of the matchbooks to decoupage them on to a wooden table with a decoupage medium, such as Mod Podge and a paintbrush. This is a simple but cool way to display the matchbooks.

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