Fun and Unique Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

by Amy Kaminsky
Your party invitation makes a first impression for your birthday party.

Your party invitation makes a first impression for your birthday party.

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If you're planning a birthday party, the invitation is your first chance to wow your guests. Whether you're sending an electronic invitation or a good, old-fashioned invite by mail, you want to catch your guest's attention! The perfect product, design and wording will promote your party as the festive, can't-miss event of the year.

Featuring the Honoree's Name

A unique way to incorporate the guest of honor into the invitation is to base the message on his name. For example, if Sam is the man of the day, write the letters "S" "A" and "M" down the left side of the invitation. Then, use each letter of the name as the first letter of that line. A good saying for Sam would be "Since it's Sam's Birthday, And we all love him so, Make plans to wish our buddy a happy birthday!" This incorporates the letters, "S" "A" and "M" in a clever way. You can write the rest of the details on the bottom of the page or inside the invitation.

Mystery Invitation

If you want to keep your guests guessing about the party and then reveal the surprises at the bash, create a fun and mysterious invitation. Give your guests clues about the honoree and the occasion, but don't state them specifically; just make sure they know the location, time and dress code, if there is one. For instance, to provide hints regarding the honoree, you can use clues that allude to her line of work, favorite color or favorite television show. Clues regarding the food that will be served can also relate to the honoree. An example is "We'll enjoy his favorite type of under-the-sea food while discussing favorite episodes of her favorite television series: MASH" Another hint could be a landmark event that happened the year the birthday girl was born.

Photo Invites

Using a picture of the guest of honor in your invitation personalizes the party from the start. If you are celebrating a toddler's first birthday, print a sign that has all the details of the party, and place it gently in your little one's hands. Snap a photo of your baby holding the sign. The wording can be "I can't talk yet, but if I could I'd invite you to my first birthday" or "Finally, I'm one. Now it's time to have fun." Be as creative as your imagination allows. Try placing a party hat on your little one or sitting him in a pile of balloons. Just be careful that he doesn't try to put your props into his mouth. Print the pictures and send them out. Your guests will love seeing your baby and you'll have a wonderful souvenir for his baby book.

Generational Ideas

It's fun and easy to incorporate generational themes into the invitation message. For example, if the birthday girl's name is Bella and she was born in the '80s, you could write, "Remember when you couldn't leave the house without your jelly shoes, gummy bracelets and ribbon barrettes? Remember when you did the moonwalk to Kool and the Gang while playing with your Rubik's Cube? Bella does! Let's relive Bella's youth as she turns 30!" Fill in the rest of the invitation with the details of the party.

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