Fun Things to Do on a Snow Day Inside

by Krystal Miller
Bring a bowl of fluffy snow indoors to make snow ice cream.

Bring a bowl of fluffy snow indoors to make snow ice cream.

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Do not let snow falling on the ground keep you from having fun. Prepare a variety of things for adults or children to do when the snow keeps everyone inside. From winter crafts to entertaining games, keep the excitement going for hours. All you need is a creative imagination and some supplies from your local retail store to create indoor snow day activities.


If you have more than one player, compete in contests. If you are alone, compete against yourself by trying to beat your best time or score. Use paper cups to build the tallest tower in two minutes. Make an edible tower using marshmallows and pretzels sticks. The player with the tallest tower wins the contest. If you are alone, count how many levels your tower has and try to beat the score on your next round. Build a gingerbread house using graham crackers, frosting and candies. Do this alone or as a competition between friends to see who can build the most creative house.

Snow Activities

Bring the snow indoors to create entertaining activities. For example, gather a large bowl of snow to make snow ice cream. Mix 8 cups of snow with 14 oz. of condensed milk and 1 tsp. of vanilla extract. Mix well and enjoy. Another idea is to fill a small plastic swimming pool with snow and bring it indoors. Use beach toys to make snow sand castles and snowballs. Make snow cones using lemon juice, lime juice, honey or fruit juices.


Create an indoor snowball relay by having players race from a starting line to a finish line while carrying a polystyrene foam ball on a spoon. The fastest player wins the race. Hang a piece of string across the room to create a volleyball net for a game of snowball volleyball. Use polystyrene foam balls as volleyballs. For a group, try a game of "Wrap Frosty." Divide the players into two teams and give each team two rolls of toilet paper. The teams must select one player to be "Frosty the Snowman" and the other teammates must wrap him with the toilet paper. The first team to use all of its toilet paper wins the game.

Other Activities

Other activities to do indoors when the snow keeps you inside include watching movies, making a large fort with blankets and pillows, playing with play dough, decorating cookies and making crafts. Children can use empty boxes, duct tape, markers, construction paper and stickers to make craft projects to show off their creativity. Have an indoor picnic by spreading a large blanket on the ground. Eat sandwiches, chips and fruit as if you were outside at the park.

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