Fun Things to Do on a Snow Day in College

by Gina Scott

Children are very excited when their schools declare a snow day. It means sleeping late, watching television, playing video games, spending a lot of time on the Internet and, yes, playing in the snow. Even adults can understand the elation of an unexpected vacation day. Snow days in college are more unusual. Many students live on campus, and the administration is usually more apt to have them brave any amount of snow. Still, there are times when the weather is too much for even a university to take. Take advantage of those rare times.

Go Out and Play

Getting out into the white stuff and playing might be the best use of your college snow day. Pick teams and have a snowball fight, complete with forts. Build a snowman and put one of your college jerseys on it. Create a little mascot in the snow, make snow angels or have a snow castle-building contest.

Beach Party

A snowy day can make you long for warmer climates, so put together an impromptu beach party. Ask your friends to don shorts and sunglasses and head over with beach towels. Find some beach balls or rafts, blow them up and place them around your dorm room or apartment. Play music that makes you think of summer, and cook hot dogs and hamburgers.

Have a Potluck

Gather the friends who can get to your place and have a potluck. Make it an all-day graze fest. You might not have planned for the weather and find your refrigerator kind of empty, and your buddies might as well. These situations produce the most interesting dishes because you only have what you can locate in your cupboards. A guest might find a box of cake mix but no frosting and show up with a cake covered with whipped cream and chocolate candies, which is both delicious and fun.


Belting out a few tunes with your buddies will make the time go faster as you wait for the plows to dig you out. Put out some snacks and announce you are going to sing snowy tunes. Gather Christmas songs and wintry melodies to match the feel of the fluffy white stuff.

Movie Theme Marathon

When you are cooped up in a dorm room or college apartment, turn a typical lazy activity into something to remember by hosting a movie theme party. Select flicks from the 1980s, go with a college theme or stick with the weather and watch movies in which the characters were also snowed in, such as "Baby Boom." Invite nearby friends who are able to trudge their way through the drifts.


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