Fun Things to Do Inside on a Rainy Day

by Jenna Pope
Rainy day activities make staying inside fun.

Rainy day activities make staying inside fun.

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Rainy days can present a challenge for anyone stuck inside the house or dorm. Teens and adults, who are not going to brave the elements, must think outside the box for inside activities to engage in. Mothers should have several back-up plans for restless children who must remain inside. With a little thought and creativity the entire family, college dorm or any other group of people can come up with fun activities for wiling away the hours on a rainy day.


Anyone can learn to bake. Guys in a college dorm can borrow the kitchen and bake cakes and cupcakes. Then they can invite over the cuties from the girls' dorm to share the treats. A mom can teach her children how to make a cake from scratch. If her children are under six, she can read the directions from a cake mix box to her kids and assist them as they add the ingredients and stir. They can also help her to clean up. Men bake, too. A single man can run down to the corner market for cheesecake ingredients, spend some time making his own cheesecake and invite over a couple of buddies to share it with him.

Around the House

Kids can make a tent in the living room and watch television through the tent flap. Mom can catch up on her housework or sew or finish her scrapbooking project. Dad can tinker in the garage, clean off his garage shelves, box extras and carry them up to the attic. Teenagers living in the same house can play computer games on the Internet, and Dad can join them when he's finished with his garage project.

Play Ping Pong in the Basement

Invest in a basement ping pong table for rainy days when the whole family is stuck inside the house. They can have a good-natured game of ping pong, or they can engage in their own ping pong tournament. Secretly set up the video camera in a corner to get candid movies of the family playing ping pong. Later, tell them about the video and herd everyone upstairs to watch it. For dinner, set out the ingredients for make-your-own French bread pizzas and have the entire family participate in making their own.

Daycare Activities

A daycare provider can break out the Play Dough and engage the kids in making Play Dough animals for a pretend zoo. If space permits, she can have the children play Red-Light-Green-Light and Mother-May-I. Older children might like collaborating on a crossword puzzle or working together to create a giant mural on a 10-foot-long sheet of butcher paper. They can use tempura paints, marking pens, water colors, colored pencils or crayons.

Board Games

A family -- or any group of people -- can bond during board games. Get out the old Monopoly game and go to it. A Monopoly game can last for days, just like the rain. If there are small children, Candy Land is an appropriate game to play with them. Clue is a game that older children will enjoy playing over and over again. For a family, college dorm or any group of people, a game of Gestures is a good boredom buster. For this game, one person acts out the definition of a word while the rest of the people try to guess it. Divide the group into teams and compete.


Make a rainy day festive. The entire family can play card games like Rummy, Go Fish, Hearts or Hands-and-Feet, depending upon the age group of the participants. For lunch, order meatball sandwiches from the deli down the street. After more card games, have make-your-own sundaes. After that, drop a couple of CDs into the CD player and have an impromptu dance, or watch movies.

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