Fun Things to Do in a Hotel Room for Your Sweet Sixteen

by Chris Brower
A hotel room can be a fun spot for a sweet sixteen party

A hotel room can be a fun spot for a sweet sixteen party

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A sweet sixteen birthday party can be exciting for the birthday girl. Surrounded by loving friends, it can be a memorable time. If you're having your sweet sixteen birthday party in a hotel room, there are several fun things you can do to make it a party that people will be talking about for years.

Watch Movies

A simple, yet fun activity to do with your friends is watch a movie. Some particular movies that fit well for a sweet sixteen party are "Sixteen Candles," "Clueless," "Super Sweet 16: The Movie," "Sleepover" and "Mean Girls." Or how about turning off all the lights and putting in a scary movie, such as "My Super Psycho Sweet 16." Whatever the case, a movie can be inexpensive entertainment that can last awhile.

Give Makeovers

If you and your friends are ready for a new look, giving each other makeovers could be a fun thing to do. You could make yourself feel as glamorous as a movie or music star. But on the other hand, who said makeovers have to make you look better? Get creative and have fun turning each other into monsters, superheroes or some other thing to provide hours of laughs. Give out prizes to the scariest look or craziest hair.

Order Pizza

Another simple idea is to order food. Sometimes it's good just to kick back and eat some tasty junk food. As well, this doesn't have to be the main focus of the fun either, as you could eat food while doing other activities, such as watching movies or giving each other makeovers. Delicious food is a simple way to put everyone in a good mood.

Have a Photo Shoot

Taking a photo is a snap, especially if you have a digital camera. Taking photos can provide hours of fun, as people can get creative with their poses and looks. Plus, a photo shoot helps preserve memories. Pretend you're a model and strike a pose. Or, put the bed sheet over your head and give your scariest look. Combine this activity with the makeovers you did earlier, or make this its own event.

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