Fun Things to Do at Home on a Snow Day

by Kimberly Turtenwald

Whether you live in northern states where snow days are a common occurrence or you live somewhere that rarely gets snow, a snow day can leave you and your kids feeling bored and cooped up. Depending on the temperature and visibility factors, you may be able to enjoy the snow outdoors. If it is too cold or the snow is blowing thickly, you may be restricted to indoor activities instead.

Using Snow

Take advantage of all the snow outside. Unless you live in southern states that do not operate snowplows, a snow day typically means a lot of snow. Snow that's wet and sticky provides ready material for making a snowman or having a snowball fight in the yard. Creating snow angels by lying in the snow on your back and moving your arms and legs in the snow provides another form of outdoor decoration. See who can make the best one without ruining it by standing up. Once the weather calms down, it's time to bring out sleds and go sledding at a nearby park.

Creating Art Projects

Making art projects while inside on a snow day triggers creativity in your children and helps break up the monotony of the day. Paper and crayons or markers can go a long way toward keeping kids occupied. If you have other art materials, such as paints, chalk, construction paper, glue, glitter, stickers and clay, use them to create art projects like homemade cards, snow-day pictures, gift wrap, dioramas or models. The more materials you provide, the more creative the art projects become. Once the projects are finished, you can display them in a home art gallery.

Gathering for Family Time

Sometimes when school is called off due to the snow, parents spend the day home as well. Take advantage of the extra family time together. Movie day allows parents and children to watch a few family-friendly movies while they cuddle together on the couch with hot chocolate. Playing board games hidden in the closet provides hours of entertainment. A family with plenty of video games can organize faceoffs or a tournament. Looking at family photo albums allows everyone to re-live fun times together. Summer vacation pictures in particular counteract winter's chill outside. Blanket forts are a favorite with kids. Help them build one and play in it with them.

Baking and Cooking

Cooking and baking may be something that falls by the wayside, especially if parents in the household work. It is easier to buy things premade from the store or cook prepackaged foods. Staying home for a snow day allows parents and children to spend time in the kitchen cooking. They can bake a batch of cookies, brownies or a cake for dessert. Planning a healthy dinner and putting it together as a family provides lessons in nutrition and culinary skills. Warm dishes work well for cold, snowy days; chili, soup, beef stew and baked beans are just a few options.

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