Fun Things to Do at a Cookout

by Ariel Waters
A little planning can turn a barbecue into the event of the summer.

A little planning can turn a barbecue into the event of the summer.

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Cookouts are a classic summer activity and offer lots of fun things to do with your friends and family. Kids of all ages can enjoy making s'mores, playing tag, running relay races and playing in cool water on a hot day. Make the most of a hot summer day with a backyard cookout or visit your local parks and make new summertime friends. With a little forethought, you can have a great day out.

Relay Races

You do not need to lug around a whole lot of stuff to have great relay races in your backyard, neighborhood park or wherever you plan to have your cookout. If you do not bring batons, you can find sticks or stones for the racers to pass off as they run their laps. But if you bring some string, you can get a three-legged race started. Just remember to bring your camera to capture the spills.

Fun with Water

You are never too old to cool off with an ice cold water fight on a hot day. Just make sure that the kids are not the only ones having a great time beating the heat. Break out sprinklers, balloons, squirt guns or just grab buckets of water and declare a "no rules" zone. If you prefer something a little more organized, arm everyone with a water pistol and play spray tag. The rules are simple: If you get sprayed you have to sit out or freeze on the spot.


Tag has many variations and freeze tag is one of the most popular. A player who is "It" tags other players and the tagged person has to freeze until a free player tags him. Another fun way to play tag is to use a throwing disc. The person with the disc has to freeze until she throws it to another player. Once the second player catches it, she also has to freeze. If someone tags the player with the disc, she has to pass it off and remain frozen until another person tags her.

Make S'Mores

Roasting marshmallows is a great way to start or finish your cookout. After you crisp your marshmallow over the bonfire or grill, sandwich it along with a piece of chocolate between two graham crackers. These classic desserts usually are very messy, but getting a little chocolate on your shirt can be fun. For the more adventurous s'more fan, experiment with ingredients like peanut butter, honey and flavored marshmallows.

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