Fun Things to Do in Columbia, South America

by Jade Blue
Exotic nightlife awaits you in Columbia, South America.

Exotic nightlife awaits you in Columbia, South America.

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Activities revolving around shopping and local nightlife are just some of the fun things to do in Columbia, South America. The country is a subdivision of a larger area formerly known as Gran Columbia. Travel guides list Bogata, Cartgena and Medellin as the top three Columbian cities frequented by tourists.

Museo de Oro -- Bogota

Visit the Museo de Oro (, or Gold Museum, in Bogota. Home to an impressive collection of pre-Hispanic mettalurgy, the facility embodies Columbia's cultural memories. View permanent exhibitions in four exhibition galleries. Enjoy an interactive experience in the exploration gallery. Tuesday to Saturday the museum hosts free guided tours in Spanish and English. Purchase jewelry based on exhibits in the museum shop. Relax over lunch or dinner in the museum restaurant.

Donde Fidel Salsa Club -- Cartegena

For 20 years visitors and residents alike have danced the night away at Donde Fidel Salsa Club (no website; Centro Portal de Los Dulces #32-09, Cartegena; 011-57-5-664-3127). Travel guides state Donde Fidel offers the best selection of Salsa music in the area. Two floors offer plenty of dance space. Cool off and relax in the outdoor seating area. Find Donde Fidel's near the clock tower in Cartegena where candy sellers congregate under the arches.

Piedra de Penol -- Medellin

If you are feeling adventurous, climb the Piedra de Penol, or Stone of Penol. Legend states the formation was once used as a place of worship by Native Americans who previously inhabited the area. Locals claim the devil attempted to reclaim the formation at numerous points in the past. After enjoying envious views of Medellin, visit craft shops at the base of the stone to purchase handicrafts made by local artisans. Choose from a variety of sleeping accommodations and enjoy local cuisine in area restaurants.

Escuela Cafe -- Bogota

Columbia produces a number of well-known coffees. Sign up for the Esceula Cafe (no website; Cr 22 No 49-08 Barrio Palermo, Bogota; 011-57-1-225-4181) or Coffee School, a course on proper espresso and cappuccino techniques. A chemical engineer employed by the coffee industry leads a series of four classes totaling 16 hours. Consider a visit to Escuela Cafe if you are seeking future employment as a barista or just want to spice up your morning joe.

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