Fun Things to Have at a College Party

by Katharine Mitchell
Letting off a little steam, party style, is part of the college experience.

Letting off a little steam, party style, is part of the college experience.

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Everyone knows college is about writing essays, studying and burning the midnight oil in the library, but letting loose and having fun is also par for the course. When throwing a party for college students, be it a toga-theme party or just a gathering of classmates, plan ahead to have a few fun things on hand to make sure guests enjoy themselves and relax.


Create the tone for the party by spinning a playlist of music from the 80's and 90's, as well as current hits. Clear a space in the room for dancing and encourage guests to get up and get grooving to the music. Dance parties -- impromptu or planned -- are big hits among college students.

Ping Pong

Set up a ping pong table in the garage or on the back patio for guests to challenge each other to games of singles or doubles. Stock up on extra ping pong balls in case a few go missing in high lobs or missed returns. If guests are 21 and older, provide plastic cups for rounds of beer pong, which challenges players to bounce a ball into a cup of beer.


Spread out the polka-dotted sheet from the popular children's game of Twister and laugh as college friends get tangled up in the fun. Encourage players to stretch, bend and contort as they struggle to place a hand here or a leg there without falling down. Consider crowning the evening champion with a paper crown and tie the playing sheet around the winner's back, cape style, for kicks.


Hang a sheet to serve as a backdrop for a homemade photo booth. Set up a digital camera or laptop with easy instructions for guests to take each other's pictures, or assign someone to serve as photographer for the evening. Provide fun props and costumes for guests to don for their photos, such as pink boas, fedoras, masks, a stuffed animal of the college mascot or other college memorabilia.

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