Fun Things to Do in Boring Towns

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Embrace your

Embrace your "inner child" to rediscover the wonder in the world.

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The bad news: You're bored out of your skull. You live in a town where there doesn't seem like there's anything fun to do, aside from trying to ace the newest video game or watch TV until your mind goes numb. The good news: All it really takes to have a little fun is change your perception. Your town doesn't have to change for you to wring as much entertainment as you can out of it.

Head to the Library

Even if you don't have any money, you can escape the four walls of your house by losing yourself in the world of make-believe in a book. The local library offers scores of books you can borrow that will let you forget the mundane by becoming someone else entirely. Step into the hairy footsteps of a Hobbit, or onto the yellow brick road as you try to evade bad witches and evil flying monkeys. Some libraries offer seasonal programs at little to no cost. Donate your extra books, and volunteer to host story time for younger readers.

Play at the Local Park

Even the most boring town can offer things like recreational facilities. A park is a great way to rediscover the fun from your childhood by just spending an afternoon playing like you used to. Ride a bike, jump rope and then treat yourself with a picnic as you watch puffy clouds drift by. Buy or make your own kite, swing on the swing set, or have a friend spin you around on the merry-go-round until you're nearly sick. Take your kids or the kids of your friends and family to see the world through the eyes of a child, where it becomes a brand new place of wonder rather than the "same ol' same ol'."

Start a Blog

Become the expert for your town by starting a blog. Dedicate yourself to discovering all the hidden gems like ethnic restaurants, quirky boutiques or historical landmarks. Grab your camera and let your words and your lens capture the ordinary in an extraordinary way. Feature a new place you've never been once a week (or once a month), and check the community calendar to critique local productions and special events, even a familiar parade or a farmer's market. Interview locals who have lived there for a long time, and include their stories comparing what was to what is.

Get Crafty

With a little ingenuity and some minimal supplies, you can entertain yourself by learning how to embrace arts and crafts. Buy some colored chalk and make changing murals for your sidewalk and driveway. Encourage neighbors to do the same. Take some buckets down to the playground and make a sand sculpture to entertain the kids. Use that smart phone to record video of you and your friends re-creating scenes from iconic movies. Join your local parks-and-recreation community clubs to learn how to dance, or take classes in photography.

Get Involved

It's a lot harder to be bored when you're not alone. Meet your neighbors and encourage participation in block parties or neighborhood activities like scavenger hunts. Join the local gym for exercise classes that let you meet others with similar fitness goals. Join or create a local hiking or biking club where you can organize a group for weekend hikes near your town. This helps you make new friends while you get out and enjoy nature, as well as get fit. Join the drama club at a community theater, or any local organization that provides entertainment for shut-ins, the elderly or kids in the hospital.

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