Fun Things to Do Before a Blackhawks Game

by Clayton Yuetter
Painting yourself in red and black shows your Blackhawks spirit.

Painting yourself in red and black shows your Blackhawks spirit.

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There are many things you can do to get excited about a Chicago Blackhawks hockey game and help share that excitement with others. They can be as simple as going to a sports bar and getting fired up with other Blackhawks fans, or organizing a friendly game of "broom ball" in the local park.

Play Broom Ball

Just as many football fans like to play catch while tailgating before a game, hockey fans can organize a game of broom ball. Parking lot broom ball is much like hockey, except brooms are used instead of sticks and it is played with a large rubber ball, like a kickball. Although real broom ball is played on ice, your game can be modified to be played on asphalt. This mimics the game of hockey in a safe way so that everyone can get involved without having hockey skills or a pair of skates.

Paint Yourself Black and Red

There are few better ways to get excited about the upcoming Blackhawks game and show your team spirit than to paint each other in the team colors. You'll earn the respect of other fans for your dedication. It can be a way to express your individuality and creativity, and may even get you on TV. Kids, especially, may enjoy covering themselves in black and red paint.

Have a Tailgate Party

Although tailgate parties are generally a football tradition, there is no reason Blackhawks fans can't bring their own grills to the parking lot. You can make sure you get there in plenty of time to get a good parking spot and then relax for the next few hours while grilling hot dogs and hamburgers.

Go to a Sports Bar

A default activity in the absence of any other ideas is to go to a sports bar with your friends. You can meet other Blackhawks fans and discuss the upcoming game. Beer is considerably cheaper in a bar than at the stadium and you don't have to fight the crowds and stand in line in between periods. Bars around the arena will be teaming with Blackhawks fans before the game.

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