Fun Things to Do With a 10-Year-Old Boy

by Hallie Engel
Think outside the box when it comes to entertaining boys.

Think outside the box when it comes to entertaining boys.

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The prospect of entertaining a ten-year-old boy can scare even the toughest of adults. Keeping a kid happy, laughing and having fun isn't always easy, but the right activity can make the time fly by. Try to find things adults and kids care can share in together, making bonding all the easier.

Visit a Museum

Though some boys might think museums are stuffy placed filled with dusty old paintings, many offer exciting exhibits kids will enjoy. Many science museums have hands-on displays to teach kids about everything from the cosmos to gravity. Other institutions, like the Children's Museum Indianapolis, are dedicated entirely to little ones. The museum offers various exhibits a ten-year-old boy will enjoy, like Take Me There: Egypt. The exhibit recreates a modern Egyptian village, letting children explore contemporary life in the most populous Arab nation.

Play Spies

Add some intrigue to the day by playing spy with your ten-year-old boy. The Telegraph newspaper suggests making spy crafts, like constructing phones out of tin cans and string, and playing hide and seek with the help of walkie-talkies and dark sunglasses. Use a mirror to practice writing backwards as a form of code and use the juice of a lemon as invisible ink, writing a message in it on a piece of paper and holding it up to a light to read.

Get Cooking

Though some little boys might think cooking and baking is for girls, it's never to early to teach a kid to learn his way around a kitchen. Besides, making a fresh batch of cookies, baking a cake or whipping up some brownies is fun and no one will complain when it comes time to snack. Research cookbooks for fun, kid-friendly recipes, hit the grocery store for ingredients and don aprons to get the work done.

Learn to Play an Instrument

Cultivate a lifelong love of music by teaching a boy to play an instrument. Parents and friends who strum the guitar, play the piano or bang the drums can help a special boy learn to the do the same. Set aside a time for lessons and practice each week and consider buying a starter version of the instrument being studied, like a simple acoustic guitar or a second hand keyboard. If you don't play yourself, enroll for dual lessons and study together.

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