Fun Stuff to Do on an Xbox 360

by Rob Kemmett
You can store media files on the Xbox 360 hard drive.

You can store media files on the Xbox 360 hard drive.

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The Xbox 360 is a video game console manufactured by Microsoft. The console does more than play video games; it is an entertainment device. If you get tired of playing games, use the Xbox 360's other entertainment features to help pass the time.

Chat with Others

Pick up an Xbox keyboard or wireless headset and talk with people from all around the world. While you are gaming with your friends, you can talk to them through a wireless headset. If you prefer, you can type messages back and forth using an Xbox keyboard. No additional service is required, as Microsoft equips the Xbox 360 with built-in chat capabilities. In-game chatting is done by accessing the online feature from the game's main menu.

Streaming Movies and TV Shows

You can download and watch movies and TV shows with the Xbox 360. Hit movies and TV shows, both new and old, are downloaded from Hulu, Netflix and Zune, which are all add-on services. The companies are separate entities and have no affiliation with Microsoft. A subscription must be paid for to access their services. Xbox 360 also has its own shows, including "The Kinect Show" and "Insider Moves."

CDs and DVDs

With the Xbox 360, you can listen to music and watch digital videos. Media can be transferred to the console via memory cards, CDs, DVDs and portable media players, including MP3 players. Insert a CD to begin listening to music instantly. DVDs are viewed using the installed Windows Media Center. Fast forward, rewind, pause and other controls are operated by using the Xbox 360 controller.


Xbox Kinect is Microsoft's motion-gaming device. Kinect games are not played with the Xbox controller, rather with your body. The Kinect camera is placed on the television and registers your body movements. You control the action in the game you are playing by moving your body and performing various maneuvers, such as swinging your arms, rotating your hips or kicking your legs.

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