Fun Stuff to Do with Your Wife

by Tamiya King
Go on a shopping trip with your wife to help her pick out home decor items.

Go on a shopping trip with your wife to help her pick out home decor items.

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Whether you're a newlywed couple or have been married for decades, there are several activities you can engage in with your wife to keep your relationship interesting and exciting. Consider your wife's interests, as well as some of the hobbies that attracted you to one another during your dating phase to come up with another way to bond with the one you love.

Be a Kid Again

Take your wife on a small outing that allows the two of you to be kids again -- even if for just a few minutes. For instance, drop the kids off at your in-laws for an hour or two and go to the local ice cream shop with your wife; then stroll through the park with her as you enjoy your cones. Or, pack a light picnic lunch, along with kites and bubbles so you can engage in some affordable, child-like activities.

Get Active

Make a date with your wife to work out regularly. You can make the time more enjoyable by playing a game or activity you enjoyed as kids like basketball or rollerblading. Exercise can be added to the list of the things you and your wife have in common, and will help to motivate the both of you to stick to your workout routines. Working out with your wife also lets her know that you want the both of you to be healthy enough to enjoy one another for a long time.

Go Shopping

Take your wife shopping, even when it's not a special occasion like her birthday or your anniversary. While some men don't like shopping, the outing could prove to be fun for you simply because you took the initiative to do something your wife would enjoy. For instance, take her to her favorite shoe boutique and help her pick the pair that is most flattering. She might return the favor by treating you to lunch at your favorite burger joint before the two of you continue your fun-filled shopping excursion.

Update Your Home

Make some small renovations to your home with your wife to help strengthen your bond by emphasizing the principle of teamwork in your marriage. When you're both working together to paint your bedroom, find family pictures to frame for the living room or create a dining room centerpiece, you'll both take pride in the finished product, and will remember the "remodel" fondly. For instance, going through the photo album to figure out which pictures to enlarge, frame and display will remind you of special moments in your life as a couple like the birth of your children, or the time you purchased your first home.

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