Fun Stuff to Do at a Park with a Little Girl

by Scott Levin
Little girls find lots of playground equipment to use at the park.

Little girls find lots of playground equipment to use at the park.

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Bringing your daughter, niece or sister to the park is an enjoyable way to spend the day. Many young girls love spending time outdoors on a nice day, and the park lets them burn off some energy in a relaxed environment. The fresh air, open space and playground equipment provide a multitude of options.

Kite Flying

On a breezy day, take a kite to the park. Teach the little girl how to operate the kite and then watch her enjoyment as the kite reaches tall heights in the sky. Many parks have a large grassy area where girls can roam and follow their kites. Kites come in many designs, but for an added activity, design your own kite with newspaper, sticks and strings.


Many parks are equipped with a swing set, providing another opportunity for a little girl to have fun. Swinging is a relaxing activity that makes little girls feel like they are flying. Get them started by giving them a push, but also teach them how to use their legs to maintain momentum. Swings can even be enjoyed by toddlers. Some parks have smaller swings that use leg holes and harnesses to secure kids under the age of 3.

Picnic or Barbecue

After a long, playful day, relaxing on the grass and enjoying a picnic or barbecue is another park activity for little girls. Bring a blanket and lawn chairs, and find a comfortable, shady spot in the park grass. Bring sandwiches, chips, vegetables and juice from home for a picnic. Some parks also have a barbecue pit, giving you the option of serving up some hamburgers and hot dogs. Bring charcoal, matches and any desired foods to enjoy a park barbecue with your little girl.


The park is an effective location to introduce little girls to sports. The calm, carefree environment keeps girls relaxed and lets them have fun with sports, rather than feeling the pressure of a team or league. Bring a soccer ball and let the girl kick it around. A flying disc provides entertainment, as a little girl learns how to throw and catch.

Treasure Hunt

Similar to an Easter egg hunt, conducting a treasure hunt at the park keeps little girls attentive, as they use critical thinking to find a hidden gift. Before the little girls arrive at the park, hide a small treasure behind a tree or under playground equipment. Also, disperse clues throughout the park. Give the girls the first clue, which leads them to other hints as to the treasure's whereabouts. Little girls stay engaged as they try to find the prize.

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