Fun Stuff to Do With an Infant

by Scott Levin

Finding things to do with your infant can be a difficult task. Many structured activities are too advanced for children under a year old. However, having a baby in the household does not mean you can't have fun. There are many creative activities for infants that are age appropriate and will keep them entertained.


Joining a "baby and me" swimming class is a fun way to form a bond with your infant. It introduces your infant to swimming and splashing around in water. Additionally, it allows parents to get involved and join the child in the water. Swimming classes for parents and infants are available at many recreational pools.

Baby Swing

The playground contains some intimidating equipment for infants, but one apparatus that is age appropriate is the swing set. Many parks have a swing designed specifically for infants. The swing includes leg holes and a belt to keep the infant safe. Gently push the baby in the swing, allowing him to feel the breeze and enjoy the ride.

Stroller Ride

Taking your infant for a stroller ride may seem simple, but the activity gives you a variety of options. Keep infants attentive and entertained by strolling through a zoo or along a trail. Your baby will have plenty of things to look at and learn about. On a sunny day, a stroller ride is an effective way to get outside with the infant and enjoy the weather.

Watch Programs

After a busy day, sit down with your infant and watch some television or movie programs geared for young children. These programs keep infants engaged, teach basic lessons in language and provide entertainment through video and music. A video session may also relax the infant and lead to a nap, an added bonus for worn-out parents.

Toy Store

Heading to the neighborhood toy store is a budget-friendly activity that is sure to interest an infant. Let the infant roam the aisles and find exciting toys to play with. At a toy store, there are many things for an infant to pull, push, drum and roll. You might discover toys that particularly appeal to your infant, giving you a better idea of playthings to keep in the house.


Painting is a colorful activity to stimulate your infant. Expecting clear, detailed artwork may be a bit ambitious, but painting taps into your infant's artistic side. Show him how it works and then let him experiment, applying paint with a brush or his fingers. The activity will likely get messy, so lay down newspaper underneath the canvas. Post your infant's paintings on the refrigerator to share his work.

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