Fun Stuff to Do on the Carnival Imagination Cruise

by Cathy Moeschet
The Carnival cruise ship Imagination offers a wide variety of activities and entertainment, both on and off the ship.

The Carnival cruise ship Imagination offers a wide variety of activities and entertainment, both on and off the ship.

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Guests on the Carnival cruise ship Imagination enjoy a three- or four-day trip to either Nassau, Bahamas, or the Caribbean. On board, they can choose from a stunning array of dining and entertainment experiences and activities. While in port, guests have the option of booking onshore excursions tailored to their interests and activity levels.


For those who prefer indoor fun during the day, the Carnival Imagination offers an on art gallery, duty-free shopping, a library, a spa and a casino. Guests also have several options for lunch. The ship boasts a cafe, restaurant, dining room and several lounges, and 24-hour stateroom service is available, according to Carnival Cruise Lines. Outdoor daytime activities include an adults-only serenity retreat, an on-deck movie theater, a water slide, a swimming pool with a bar and snack bar, live outdoor entertainment, mini-golf and an outdoor jogging track.


Carnival Cruise LInes also caters to the night owls. The Imagination sports a main lounge for live acts, a stand-up comedy club, a piano bar, a dance club, pool parties, the Seaside Theatre and karaoke. Child care is available for parents who would like to enjoy evening or night time events, or for activities that might not be appropriate for children.


Parents needn't be concerned for the security or enjoyment of children on the Imagination. Passengers from 2 to 11 can attend Camp Carnival. Activities include talent shows and dance parties, board games, arcade games, reading and story times, finger painting and activities involving movement and music. Children are grouped by age to allow them to interact with peers: 2 to 5, 6 to 8 and 9 to 11. Children 11 and younger also can enjoy Camp Carnival Night Owls between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Cruise Advice points out that in-room babysitting service is not available, and there is a charge for after-hours services. Older kids needn't feel left out: Circle C is for kids between 12 and 14. Activities include outdoor movies, peer-aged dance parties and more. Club O2 caters to kids 15 to 17, who can listen to music, participate in karaoke, watch movies, or join in more active pursuits, such as ping-pong, video games, pool parties, basketball, volleyball and peer-aged dances. Teens also can enjoy shore excursions tailored to their age group.

Shore Excursions

For a little extra money, Carnival Cruise Lines offers a wide variety of excursions onshore. Passengers may choose excursion packages based on their interests and levels of physical activity. Examples available in Nassau, Bahamas, include Atlantis Cay Dolphin interactive experiences in either deep or shallow water, a Pirates of Nassau tour that includes local historical highlights, parasailing and snorkeling. Families can enjoy excursions together, or children can take age-appropriate excursions with peers.

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