Fun Places to Go for Sweet 16

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A sweet 16 celebration is a monumental event in the life of many teenagers. The high school years are nearing an end, they can drive a car and are just a few years away from adulthood. Help a special teenager celebrate her birthday in style by using her favorite interests as a guide to the theme and party venue.


Celebrate a sweet 16th birthday in pampered style at a local spa. Use the party budget to determine the services each guest receives. Invite a large group of friends to the special celebration and arrange for a simple manicure for every girl. Alternatively, bring along just a few best friends for a full or half day of luxurious indulgence in mini facials, manicures and pedicures, hairstyling, cosmetic applications and massage. Treat the group to lunch or dinner at a restaurant afterward to show off the pampered new looks.

Movie Theater

Arrange for a birthday party at a nearby movie theater for a group of film fanatics. Some theaters offer private party rooms ahead of the movie to enjoy a lunch or dinner of hot dogs, nachos and cheese or pizza for the entire group. During the movie, the party group also receives special reserved seating in the auditorium and unlimited popcorn and pop during the film. For a large party group, reserve the entire auditorium for the event for a private viewing of the guest of honor's favorite new movie.


Turn a sweet 16th birthday into an entire overnight event at a local hotel. Reserve a regular room or two for a party on a budget or arrange for a luxurious spa suite for a frivolous event. To begin the party, the group can start with a swim in the hotel's pool or a relaxing dip in one of the venue's spa tubs. Afterward, bring the group to the reserved rooms to enjoy an evening of room service, movies and gossip. Parents can reserve an adjoining room or a room near the party suite to chaperon the event from a little bit of a distance.

Water Park

Host a sweet 16 summer birthday celebration at a nearby water park for a group of daredevils or water lovers. Arrange for a private party area to enjoy an ordered lunch or bring along a picnic lunch if the venue allows. Let a courageous group of teenagers spend the day braving the most daring of water slides while more timid guests can lounge around on the lazy river or in the wave pool. When the group has had enough of the water, many parks also offer on-site arcades to stretch the party out a little bit longer.

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