Fun Places in Schererville, Indiana

by Shaun Helsom
There are several fun places to visit in Schererville that are fun for the whole family.

There are several fun places to visit in Schererville that are fun for the whole family.

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Schererville is a town located within the St. John Township in Indiana. It has a population of just under 30,000 residents and offers a great escape from the nearby city of Chicago. There are several great places to visit for a fun day out with the family. Schererville is home to many small business that know how to meet the needs of local families.

Blade 'N Skate

Blade 'N Skate (221 US Highway 41, Schererville, IN; 219-865-1662) is a popular local ice skating arena. It offers packages for skating lessons, birthday parties, youth events, and free skating. The indoor facility offers year-round skating, regardless of the weather outside. As you skate, enjoy music that includes a wide variety of artists for all ages. Blade 'N Skate is a place to host a celebration party or just enjoy a relaxing day of slow skating on the ice.

Zig-E's Funland

Zig-E's Funland ( is the place to go for go karts, mini golf, batting cages and arcade games. This mini amusement park is a great place to enjoy a free weekend or plan for a child's birthday party. Its large arcade offers more than 40 unique machines, and even includes a gaming center with popular PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii titles. Zig-E's Funland gives your family a whole day of fun for one low admission price.

Midwest Training & Ice Center

Midwest Training & Ice Center ( is a facility to keep anyone in peak physical condition. The facility offers equipment for ice skating, gymnastics, figure skating, cheerleading, gym training and more. It is the one stop in town for any kind of workout or sports activity. The center offers its services to more than 10,000 athletes and youth every week.

Jump Central

Jump Central ( is a great place to take kids of any age to burn off some energy. It offers a 6,000 square foot indoor facility full of inflatable jump castles and activities. Reservations are accepted for birthday parties and events, and open jump days are held, where you can stop by any time to just jump around. Check Jump Central's website before arriving for an open jump session to make sure a special event is not planned for the day.

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