Fun Places to Go in Hickory Hill, Tennessee, for Teens

by Laurie Rappeport

Hickory Hill, a neighborhood in southwestern Memphis, Tennessee, has a large population of young residents who look to their community to provide them with fun and interesting venues in which to spend their free time. The neighborhood was once an independent suburb of Memphis but, after annexation, it became a part of the Memphis municipality. Teenage residents of the area have accessible sites to gather for recreational activities.


Teens can burn energy and have a great time at a skating rink. The East End Skating Center of Hickory Hill ( on Mt. Moriah Road is a roller skating rink. In addition to public skating hours, the East End Skating Center has speed skating facilities. The Raleigh Skating Center Roller Skating Rink (no website; 4350 Stage Road, Memphis; 901-388-5152) is approximately a 20-minute drive north of Hickory Hill. The Raleigh rink is an indoor roller skating rink and is open year-round.


Hickory Hill-area theaters offer teen-appropriate films throughout the week. Malco's Ridgeway Four Theater ( on Ridgeway Center Parkway, 13 minutes north of Hickory Hill, shows the most up-to-date PG and PG13 films available. The Palace Theater ( on Old Summer Road, a 16-minute drive north of Hickory Hill, features dramas, comedies and science fiction movies that appeal to many teens.


The City of Memphis Department of Parks and Recreation maintains parks throughout the city where teens can go to hike, play sports or just relax and have a picnic on the grass. The Hickory Hill Park on Ridgeway Road offers tennis courts, a volleyball court and a one-mile hiking trail. The Hickory Hill Park also has a pool where teens can swim. Emerald Park in Hickory Hill on the corner of Emerald Street and Newberry Avenue has a hiking trail and a ball field.

Shopping and Dining

Many teens enjoy a day of shopping, either with friends or on their own. Local malls and shopping centers in the Hickory Hills area include the Hickory Hill Mall Shopping Center (‎) and the Village of Hickory Ridge Shopping Center (no website; 3544 Hickory Hill Road, Memphis; 901-854-0482). ‎After a shopping expedition the teens can sit down for a bite to eat at a local eatery. Kids who like Mexican food may wish to head to Taqueria Guadalupana (no website; 4818 Summer Ave., Memphis; 901-685-6857) on Winchester Road in Hickory Hills while teens who like some barbecue can enjoy a meal and A & R Barbeque ( on Hickory Hill Road.