Fun Places to Celebrate a Sweet 16 Birthday

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Spend a birthday as a fashion model at a private photo shoot.

Spend a birthday as a fashion model at a private photo shoot.

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The years of playground, recreation center and backyard parties have likely come to an end. A sweet 16 birthday party needs to be an event to remember, as the teenager makes a momentous step closer to adulthood. Use her interests to guide your party planner and create an event she will remember for many years to come.


Celebrate a 16th birthday in the sun at a nearby beach. Have each guest bring along swimwear and clothing for later in the evening to make the party a full-day event. Bring some towels and a picnic lunch or enjoy a barbecue if the location permits. Let the group of teens spend the day enjoying beach volleyball, swimming competitions and consider renting a water trampoline for a party group with plenty of energy. As evening nears, the teenagers can gossip around a camp fire, if the beach allows it, or tell stories around large flashlights instead.

Amusement Park

Let the inner daredevil shine through at a special sweet 16 birthday party at an amusement or theme park. The most courageous of the guests can test their bravery on the craziest of roller coasters, while those who prefer to keep both feet on the ground can try their luck or gaming skills at the park's arcade. Enjoy a hot pizza, hot dog or hamburger lunch from the park's on-site restaurants and then, once stomachs have settled, venture over to the venue's water park to cool off on hot days.


Make a 16th birthday an event she will remember for years to come with a private party on a rented yacht. Make the event as casual or as formal as you would like, from a simple gathering of a small group of friends to a large and formal dinner and dance aboard the vessel. Arrange for catering or bring along some simple fare and make sure the music player is well-stocked with a variety of the teenager's favorite tunes.

Photo Studio

Let her remember her special day with an entire photo album full of memories from a professional photography studio. Arrange for the guest of honor and a small group of friends to take part in a glamour portrait session, with hair, makeup and costumes galore. The group of partygoers will feel like professional models as they glam up for a photo session with a professional photographer. Let the birthday girl select her favorite photos to build her album and then let each guest choose a special photo to bring home as a keepsake favor.

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