What Are Some Fun Games and Crafts That I Could Do at a Kids' Beach Themed Party?

by Mandi Titus
A sand castle competition can be held in your backyard sandbox.

A sand castle competition can be held in your backyard sandbox.

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A child's beach themed party can be held any time of the year, whether outdoors at the beach, but a family pool during the warmer months or at a makeshift indoor beach during the winter. Hosting beach games and giving young party guests the opportunity to create their own beach crafts helps put them in a beachy mood regardless of the party's location.


Contests, such as a sand castle building competition held in your sandbox, put focus on the party's beach theme. Host a hula hooping contest to see who can hula the longest, or a hula dance contest for a Hawaiian beach themed party. Bury an assortment of shells in a sandbox, or hide them around the house for an indoor party, with children competing to see who can find the most shells. Play a round of musical chairs using beach towels for seats.


Invite children to play a round of beach volleyball, using a inflatable beach ball instead of a volleyball with young children. Play a round of beach bingo, where children must write or draw a beach item in each square, such as a towel, sunscreen and waves. The child who covers a row of squares by matching their items to pictures shown by the caller is the winner. Host a round of beach memory, where each child must add to the list an additional item that they would take to the beach. For example, the first child might say "I would take a bucket to the beach," the second would say "I would take a towel and a bucket to the beach," and so on.

Shell Crafts

Sea shell crafts give children the opportunity to take home their very own beach souvenir. Small shells can be glued to a picture frame and a picture from the party can be placed inside. Shells of various sizes can be glued together to make beach animal creations. Allow children to create seashell necklaces or bracelets from shells with pre-drilled holes and an assortment of beads. Invite children to create a pet seashell with craft paint and googly eyes.

Other Beach Crafts

Create leis from paper flowers. For younger children, provide pre-cut flowers with a large hole in the center that can be threaded with string easily. Older children may enjoy threading the flowers on their own, using a needle under adult supervision. Use multi-colored sand to create sand art jars. Sand paintings, completed by spreading glue on sturdy paper and then sprinkling on the colored sand, is another activity that can be done with the beach sand. Purchase white towels and allow children to use craft paints to design their own beach towels.

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