A Fun Game Including a Ball to Play Indoors in a Small Area

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Balls of all sizes provide hours of entertainment.

Balls of all sizes provide hours of entertainment.

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The simplest toys are often the best. Balls come in different sizes and weights, ranging from a very small bouncing ball to a large, weightless beach ball. While games such as baseball and basketball require a large playing area, there are many ball games that can be played indoors in a smaller space.

Children's Group Games

Attach a portable basketball hoop to the back of a door or wall surface. Use a soft ball and take turns playing PIG, a game wherein two to four players follow the same pattern of shooting. When someone misses, he earns the letter "P." Each time a shot is missed, the shooter acquires the next letter. Once a shooter gets P-I-G, he is out. Or have children play a version of ball hot potato. Eight or more children sit in a circle while music plays and a ball of any weight and size is passed. When the music stops, the person holding the ball is out.

Children's Games for Two Players

Play a game of jacks by taking turns bouncing a small, rubber ball and picking up the jacks before the ball touches the floor. Begin with one jack and increase the number with each sequential turn. Young children can play a simple game by sitting facing other about three yards apart and spreading their legs. They roll or bounce the ball to their opponent. The child who does not successfully get the ball between his opponent's legs gets a point. The first person to gain 10 points loses.

Playing Alone

Choose a hard ball, such as a volleyball, and try your skill at balancing and spinning it on your middle finger. Set a timer and see how long it takes you to reach 10 seconds before the ball falls. Or hold a small racket in your hand and hit a soft ball against the wall without allowing the ball to hit the ground. Keep challenging yourself until you achieve 50 or more hits in a row. Another single ball game includes a paper cup and small, bouncing ball. Throw the ball against the wall or give it a high bounce on the floor. Count how many times in a row you can catch it in the cup.

Adult Games

Beer pong is a favorite drinking game for adults. Arrange six to 10 plastic cups of beer in a triangle on each side of a table. Take turns throwing a Ping-Pong ball into a cup on the opponent's side and then consuming the beverage. Or try an adult version of flirtation Koosh ball. The ball is made of rubber filaments attached to a rubber core. Played with a party of 10 or more, everyone stands in a circle. The ball is tossed to an unsuspecting player while a two- or three-word compliment is said. The receiver has to realize the compliment is meant for her and catch the ball. If the ball is dropped, the person is out and the circle gets smaller until there is a winner.

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