Fun & Cute Party Ideas for a 1-Year-Old Girl

by Lanh Ma

A baby girl's first birthday party is an important milestone, and even if she won't remember it, it can still be a time to make memories for her parents and her family. While keeping in mind that the party should be fairly short so the birthday girl won't get tired out, there are plenty of different options to make the day fun for her and all her guests.

Baby Yoga

If you want to do something special and interactive, invite a yoga instructor to your home to teach some baby yoga. Baby yoga allows parents to practice yoga with their baby, and it is healthy for both the parent and the child. This works well if you know some other parents with babies about the same age. This ensures a comfortable and casual party, one that will be just as much fun for the babies as it is for their parents.


You think of your daughter as a little princess, so why not let her dress as one for her first birthday party? Choose a pretty dress and crown her with a jeweled headband or rhinestone barrettes. You may also choose to put jewelry on her in the form of bangles and a simple necklace. Pass out similar jeweled headbands to the other babies at the party and make or buy a princess-themed cake.

Picnic Party

If your 1-year-old happens to have her birthday during the spring or summer, take her and the party-goers on a picnic. An outdoor party is a great way to keep things sweet and simple, and it gives everyone a chance to enjoy nature, see the world and catch some sunlight. Remember to have plenty of sunscreen available for the birthday girl and her young guests.


If your 1-year-old loves a lot of noise and activity, organize a sing-along. Get the parents to sing their favorite songs and see if you can get the babies to vocalize along with you. Sing plenty of simple favorites so that everyone can join in, and then top it off with a cake or with cupcakes decorated with musical notes.

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