Fun & Colorful Baby Shower Ideas

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Spice up the baby shower with color and nontraditional foods.

Spice up the baby shower with color and nontraditional foods.

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Throw a fun and colorful baby shower with contemporary foods, decorations and party favors. Use bold colors, like hot pink and neon blue, instead of the traditional pastels of other baby showers. Choose ethnic foods instead of finger sandwiches and punch. Play games that get the guests up and moving. Reward the attendees with indulgent mementos of the occasion.


Use bold colors for the tablecloths and streamers when decorating. Add more color with fresh-cut flowers or flower pots filled with blooming annuals. Give away the flowers as door prizes. Add an element of fun to the centerpieces with a rendition of the baby's face formed from a composite of the parents. Use photo editing software to superimpose a picture of the mother-to-be over a picture of the father, using childhood pictures. As an added twist, leave any facial hair the father may have. Another fun and colorful decoration is a family tree centerpiece made from a live sapling, decorated with photos of the parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Present the sapling to the mother-to-be for planting when the baby is born.


Take a tour around the world with appetizers from a variety of countries served in colorful bowls and platters. Egg rolls and crab rangoon from the Orient, quesadillas and sopapillas from south of the border, or antipasto and stuffed grape leaves from the Mediterranean allow your guests a fun way to try new foods. You can also offer a variety of offbeat foods craved by the mother-to-be during her pregnancy, such as pickles and ice cream or hot peppers and bananas. Make the food offerings more fun by awarding a prize to the most daring taste tester.


Amuse the guests and give them a chance to experience the joy of expecting by playing musical baby bump. Insert a 5-lb. bag of flour into a pillowcase. Enclose the pillowcase inside a zippered cushion. Use an elastic belt to fasten the pillow into place around the waist. Pass the baby bump, fastening and unfastening, while playing music. Anyone caught with the pillow when the music stops is eliminated from the game. The last one without the pillow wins. Another fun game gives guests input into the baby name the parents choose. Use two baby building blocks as dice and several small baskets as props for the game. Label the baskets A through H, I through Q, R through Z, 0 through 4, and 5 through 9. Have guests write their favorite name (the more strange, the better) on a piece of paper and drop the papers into one of the baskets. Give each guest a turn at the "dice," using the letters and numbers rolled to select a first and middle name for the baby. For instance, if the baby blocks land on "0" and "J" the expectant mother chooses one name from the I through Q basket and one name from the 0 through 4 basket. For the sides of the blocks without letters or numbers, add them with a permanent marker.

Party Favors

Provide your guests with useful party favors, such as picture frames or coffee mugs filled with exotic coffee samples or flavored hot chocolates. Print the recipes from the party onto colorful stationery and create a memorable keepsake cookbook. Leave a few blank pages for the guests to share their favorite recipes with each other. For a bit of fun, fill a bag with novelty baby toys, like rubber duckies, teddy bears or disappearing milk bottles. Tie a string to each toy and tape a number onto the end of the other string. Have guests draw a number from a hat and let them pull the corresponding string to retrieve their prize.

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