Fun Christmas Party Ideas for Preteens

by Chelsea Fitzgerald
Hosting a cookie baking party is an interesting way for preteens to learn cooking skills.

Hosting a cookie baking party is an interesting way for preteens to learn cooking skills.

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Hosting a fun Christmas party for preteens is not a complicated process if you have a theme. Preteens often get lost in the shuffle when parents attend adult holiday events. Often younger children have baby-sitters and the older preteens remain at home to veg out in front of the TV. Children on the cusp of the teenage years appreciate having a holiday party of their own. This enables them to celebrate the season with their peers and to be involved in the hustle and bustle of the season.

Game Night

Host a party where the adolescents can play Christmas-inspired games throughout the evening. Divide the kids into two teams. Provide a bowl filled with assorted individually wrapped candies in two bowls. The goal is to retrieve a piece of candy from the bowl with a teaspoon only and race across the room to deposit it in a large Christmas stocking -- one for each team. If the player drops his candy, he must return to the bowl and try again. The first team to empty its bowl is the winner. Use oddly shaped candies, such as candy canes, candy bars and licorice sticks to make the game more difficult. Another competitive game is to trace two circles -- half dollar size -- out of red construction paper and cut them out. Place two jars of petroleum jelly at the starting line. Separate the preteens into two groups. Instruct the kids that they are to attach the red nose to their own nose with the petroleum jelly then race to the finish line without the nose falling off. If the nose falls off, they must return to the petroleum jelly to re-attach the nose. If a person makes it to the finish line without the nose falling off, he is to give it to the next team member to do the same. The first team to successfully have all its members get to the finish line with the red nose attached wins.

Progressive Party

A progressive party starts at one person's house and then advances to the next throughout the night. Have the preteens gather at one house for hot chocolate, go to the next house for appetizers, the next house for the entree and then finally the last house for dessert. Encourage each host to have an activity for the preteens to do at each location. For instance, sing carols at one house, make a Christmas craft at the next or decorate a Christmas tree.

Craft Night

Preteens are often clueless on what to get their parents, siblings, friends or relatives for Christmas. Providing a craft night keeps them busy and rewards them with a hand-crafted gift they can keep or give as a present. Spray burned-out light bulbs with a flat, white primer spray paint before the party and let them dry. Provide the kids with paper plates, craft paintbrushes and acrylic paints. Instruct them to pour small amounts of the paint onto the paper plates. Tell them not to paint the tops of the bulbs because they will set that section in an empty egg carton once the design is on the bulbs to dry them. Also inform them that you will attach a hanger to the metal section to use them as ornaments or decor. This ensures that their design won't be upside down when hung up. Instruct them to paint snowmen, a Christmas elf or other wintry scenes on the light bulb. Set the wide top of the light bulbs once they are painted in an empty egg carton to allow them to dry. Add raffia ribbon bows and florist wire hangers from the metal section of the bulb once the ornaments are dry. Apply an acrylic sealer spray to make the ornaments shiny once they are dry.

Cookie Baking Party

Organize a cookie baking party. Have all the supplies necessary to create sugar cookies. Have the preteens follow the directions to mix the ingredients and show them how to roll out the dough. Allow them to use cookie cutters to create the shapes. Bake and cool the cookies, and then allow them to decorate the cookies any way they desire. Provide a variety of colored icings, sprinkles and other embellishments. Allow each guest to take home a dozen of the cookies to serve to family members. This is a wise way to teach the preteens a useful skill that is perfect for holiday gifts or a tasty snack.

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